Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Arachnophobes rejoice! We give you some hints on how to defeat this creepy boss.

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Recommended Level: 60

One of the first things you’ll notice about Rom, aside from the fact that he doesn’t look like a spider, is his armored head. So ignore his face and go for his more vulnerable areas behind his head.

There are two key strategies against Rom that will mean the difference between a hard fight and a mildly difficult one. The first is to ignore the lesser spiders, even though their size in numbers can be intimidating and distracting. As long as you don’t stay in one place, they shouldn’t pose much of a problem for you. Their lifted legs are an obvious sign that they’re about to attack. If Rom’s front half lifts up in the air, that means he’s about to execute a vicious attack involving large blue crystals falling from the sky as well as spiders turned into projectiles. You will want to run or roll away from Rom when that happens.

The other strategy involves a specific angle of attack. Attacking Rom’s side head-on (putting you perpendicular to him) can take off chunks of health, allowing you a few hits before he inconveniently teleports. We found it was most effective to attack him from a 45-degree angle, still attacking his side while facing his rear end. Whether this was as designed or not, this tactic tends to reduce the frequency of Rom’s teleportations. He tends to be preoccupied backing up like a garbage truck as he tries to avoid you.

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