Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat The Witches of Hemwick

Witches giving you trouble? Never fear--we're here to help!

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Recommended Level: 40

The battle starts with the appearance of a lanky, long-haired, scythe-wielder. Her movements are slow enough that she shouldn’t pose any problem, especially if you like using your fast-acting shortened blade. Even though as many as three of them can appear simultaneously, they can be easily lured into areas, like the stairs, for multi-target attacks and the occasional molotov cocktail throw.

The trick is to focus on the two other enemies that look like hunchbacks, who are the actual Witches of Hemwick. They appear less frequently than the scythe-wielders, but given that there are no other enemy types in this fight, distinguishing between the two isn’t a problem. The game tries to fool you into thinking there’s only one witch, when there are actually two. As long as you focus on either hunchback, you are doing damage, regardless if the lifebar doesn’t go down. Eventually, a second lifebar appears and you might be pleased to see that you’ve already done some damage to the second witch. They might deal an explosive attack that will knock you on your feet, but they perform this move so infrequently that you might as well let yourself get hit rather than miss out on doing more damage to the witches.

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