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All the New EA Star Wars Games: Everything We Know

Below you can find details on the six developers currently working on Star Wars games.

EA's E3 press conference gave us a glimpse at the multitude of developers currently working on Star Wars games. With so many studios creating games in the iconic galaxy, far, far away, we've compiled everything we know about each and what each studio has worked on in the past.

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Visceral Games--Unspecified Project

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Who: Visceral Games--the studio behind the Dead Space franchise and the recent Battlefield: Hardline--have been hard at work on an upcoming Star Wars game. The game is also being worked on by a handful of gaming and TV industry veterans, including former Uncharted director Amy Hennig, ex-Assassin's Creed series executive director Jade Raymond, and 12 Monkeys writer Todd Stashwick.

What it is: Not much is currently known about Visceral's Star Wars game other than that it has an "original narrative with new characters." EA's press conference showed a brief glimpse of it, which you can see in the image above. Based on the Imperial banners and the Star Destroyer in the background, you can probably assume the game is set sometime before the The Force Awakens, but does it represent an occupied Jakku, or something even earlier in the Star Wars timeline? According to Raymond, Hennig and Visceral GM Scott Probst are taking it in "groundbreaking directions." It's currently set to launch in 2018.

Motive Studios--Project Related to Star Wars: Battlefront

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Who: Motive Studios is a Canadian-based developer founded by Jade Raymond, former Assassin's Creed executive director. Its upcoming Star Wars game is its first project as a studio.

What it is: During EA's E3 press conference, Raymond stated that Motive Studios' Star Wars game is going to be a "next installment" in the Star Wars Battlefront series, which includes content from the new films. It's unclear if the project is a new expansion or a possible sequel; the game is currently set to launch in 2017.

Criterion Games--Assisting in Development on DICE's Star Wars VR Game

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)
Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Who: Criterion is best known for its work on the Burnout series and some of the newer Need for Speed games. The studio recently assisted DICE in developing the speeder bike tutorial mission in Star Wars Battlefront.

What it is: Criterion won't be working on its own Star Wars Game; rather, it'll be assisting in development on an unspecified VR Star Wars project with DICE. Given the Criterion's past involvement with other EA projects, it's possible the studio might be helping out with the game's driving portions.

Bioware--Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Who: Bioware--the studio behind the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series--is best known among its long-term fans for its work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The studio recently worked on Star Wars with the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

What it is: Bioware is planning to continue supporting Star Wars: The Old Republic, promising more story expansions and additional content.

Respawn Entertinment--Unspecified Third-Person Adventure

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Who: Respawn Entertainment is the studio behind the Titanfall series; it's comprised of key members from Infinity Ward, the team that famously worked on the Call of Duty franchise.

What it is: Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Star Wars Game is a third-person action adventure. During EA's press conference, Raymond noted that the game will take place in "a different Star Wars era." No date was discussed during the press conference, but it's most likely implied that it's going to release further down the line.

Capital Games--Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Who: Capital Games is the studio behind the recently released mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It has previously worked on Heroes of Dragon Age, a mobile game based in the universe of Bioware's Dragon Age franchise.

What it Is: Capital Games is planning to continue supporting Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes with new content.

DICE--Exclusive Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation VR mission

Who: DICE recently developed Star Wars: Battlefront but is best known for its work on the critically acclaimed Battlefield series and the recent Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

What it is: DICE is currently developing a VR Star Wars: Battlefront project, which is set to launch on PlayStation VR sometime this year.

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