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How Can the Big Three Win E3 2016?

Below you can find out features answering what each company needs to do to win E3 2016

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are each facing a tough challenge at this year's E3. With each company competing to win over the hearts of the gaming community, it's clear that each need to bring its A-game news and announcements. With our anticipation for the upcoming press conferences building, we've begun to speculate upon what each company needs to do to win this year's big event. Below you can find a series of features detailing our thoughts and beliefs for the big three: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

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How Can Sony Win

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How Can Sony Win E3 2016--Sony is facing yet another challenge at this year's E3. Its press conference last year garnered widespread acclaim for its string of announcements, which included Shenmue III, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the return of The Last Guardian. With such an impressive array of games, fans are likely to expect a press conference of the same caliber this year. But what does the company need to reveal this time to top its previous conference?

How Can Microsoft Win

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How Can Microsoft Win E3 2016?--Microsoft delivered a solid round of announcements last year, balancing its showing with a roster of new and pre-existing games alongside exciting new hardware features. But if Microsoft hopes to create hype surrounding Xbox One and its fans, it needs to showcase something even grander than years prior. So what does the company need to reveal this time to top last year's press conference?

How Can Nintendo Win

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How Can Nintendo Win E3 2016?--Nintendo is heading to E3 this year with only a handful of games, primarily focusing its efforts on showcasing the upcoming The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. With such a limited roster, what does the company need to do at E3 2016 to keep gamers interested?

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