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Peter went around stabbing things. Go him!


Lexine wasn't quite sure that she wanted to change how the fight was going. She figured the one that was fighting those on Renvoir's side was Garritios and it would be nice if he was dead. Lexine did notice that some people were missing. "Hey, where are the other two?" she asked Ira. 

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Peter quickly swappedthe power he had pushed into his bindies.
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With the battlefield changing so much in such a sort amount of time, it was hard for Peter to really do anything of help. Before Danial hit the ground, Peter slashed at the assassins that were in the air before jumping next to Danial to protect him from any on coming attacks.


Since Babylon and Neo decided to stay fighting, Lexine and Gentoo went off by themselves to find Adam and the others. Or, if they were unlucky, Garritios.

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OCC: I know how future sight works (I actually read everythinng sometimes), I was just saying I didn't have anything for Peter in that post.


Peter did as Danial told him to and started to charge through the masses, striking down assassins with his sword. He was having a hard time since he had to keep dodging knives that were being thrown everywhere.

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Once everyone was near the castle, Lexine took charge. "We should probably find the cats and those other two. Peter and Danial can handle themselves. The mages should stay with Tori and Rana. Tori has a comm so we can stay in touch. The rest of us will start heading down to here the spire core was."

Gentoo agreed and the two of them started to move, not really waiting for Babylon and Neo to follow.


Peter does, well I'm waiting for future sight now? 

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While Peter wiped himself off, he thought up a quick plan. "Everyone get inside of the castle, now," he ordered. It was clear to him that they could get moving without further harm, so they might as well make the most of the situation. While they did that, Peter raced to Danial and dragged him away from the mob that was forming around him. The burning he was feeling would have to wait for now.

With Peter trying to save Danial, Gentoo rushed over to where Lexine and Tori were. He help them, Rana, and the mages into the castle, just as Peter had ordered. They waited for Babylon and Neo at the entrance.

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OOC: What can I say? Peter rigged the RPG.


As soon as Peter and Gentoo noticed that lasers were being aimed at them, Gentoo pulled out his katanas and Peter tossed him to the other side of the fighting. While in the air, Gentoo held out his blades so he could knock anyone out of the air. Peter, on the other hand, kept trying to move about so the robains and assassins couldn't get a direct fix on him. "Danial, I need a distraction! Lexine, go!"

Lexine and Tori had been keeping an eye on the mess that everyone else was in. The moment Peter called out, both Lexine and Tori teleported into the middle of the mess, grabbed Babylon and Neo before the assassins could take them, and teleported back to where they were before. Lexine had decided to leave the group a parting gift before teleporting off in the form of a grenade. Peter took note of it and back off so he'd be out of the way from anything flying out of it.

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Peter noted that Babylon and friend were in a bit of a tight spot. "Gentoo!" he called as he cut his way through to the group surrounding Babylon. Gentoo followed Peter to give aid as well. Once the two were over there, Neo had started running around in circles, and Peter liked the idea. Gentoo jumped on top of Peter's head, and threw shurikens, while Peter run around the group from the outside and slided at people with his sword.

Lexine and Tori continued to give cover fire to Danial as he teleported around. 

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Right after the binding, Peter could feel a familiar power being used on him. Rana's eyes had opened and she was boosting his powers. Peter smiled, but didn't say anything to her. He teamed up with Danial in fighting. Tori joined Lexine in giving supportive fire, pulling out her own pistol and firing it at the assassins and robians. Around the time Neo joined in the fight, Gentoo showed up as well.

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Lexine was about to run off and join the others, but Peter grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "No, I'll need you up here. They'll be fine." Around this time, Peter switched over to his speed power and pushed his teleportation into his bindees.

"What's the plan?" she asked as the two of them grouped up with Babylon. As soon as the two of them got near him, Babylon had used his magic powers to cause their attackers to float.

"That is," Peter replied as he ran past Babylon to join up with Danial and friends, who were trying to hide.

While Peter went to try and bind with Tori, Lexine tried to draw the attention of his pursued by shooting them.