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Lexine's Quest: The Second Blogging

So, roughly a month about, I made a blog about a game I had just started making called Lexine's Quest: A Certain Genertic RPG. When I made the blog post, I included a demo version of the game. Since that time, I've worked countless hours (Steam counted for me: 151 hours to date) and have added a lot to the game. Today I released the third demo for the game, which you can download here

Wait, third? What happened to number two? Well I forgot to post a blog for the second demo. Sorry.

For those who don't know about the game here's what I originally posted in my last blog:

You take control of Lexine Sophia, an archer looking to learn the Railgun. Railgun is a very powerful move that had been used to defeat the evil Pramada. Joining her is her good friend Tori Ewert, a sage with more then a friendly crush on Lexine. Together, they are setting off to take down all the Tower Masters across the land to prove that Lexine is worthy of wielding the Railgun.kjhg53

I hope you all enjoy what I've made so far. Please give comments or suggestions below about the game in the comments.

Oh, for those who do the whole "Facebook" thing, I've created a Facebook Page for the game where I share information about it as I develop the game. Give it a like if you will.

Making an RPG with RPG Maker VX Ace: Lexine's Quest

Hey everyone! It's me, kjhg53. There's a lot I should probably talk about since my last blog, but no time for that in this blog. Yesterday, I bought RPG Maker VX Ace off of Steam because it was on sale. I've plugged in maybe about 20 hours, and with some testing help form SonicZero1993, I have a working demo of a game I'm making: Lexine's Quest.

The demo covers the first town, with two quests, and the first dungeon, with a boss fight.

You take control of Lexine Sophia, an archer looking to learn the Railgun. Railgun is a very powerful move that had been used to defeat the evil Pramada. Joining her is her good friend Tori Ewert, a sage with more then a friendly crush on Lexine. Together, they are setting off to take down all the Tower Masters across the land to prove that Lexine is worthy of wielding the Railgun.

You can download the demo here. Let me know what you think and if there's anything I should add or change.

EDIT: There was a problem with the boss fight. I'm uploading a new version now and will edit in the new boss

EDIT 2: OK, updated with the new link.

EDIT 3: Replaced the rapidshare with Dropbox link. It'll be faster.

Officially Have a PS3 Now. What Do? (Plus Other Stuff 'n' Things)

Hey all, it's been, oh I don't know, about two months since my last blog. Since then I probably promised to do something on my top titles of 2012. Haha, yeah no. I might do it later on, but like most blogs (or reviews or anything for that matter) I promise to make, that won't be happening, at least not for a while. 

Before I get into the meat of this blog, I thought I'd say that it was my birthday not too long ago, so now I'm 20. Yay? Along with my birthday comes my GameSpot anniversary, so it's a big 5 years on this site. Also something about review anniversary, but eh... (I should do a review of a game some time soon...). I'm still doing the college thing. It's... well... school...

Recently I've been trying to make my way though my backlog of games, though I just keep throwing more into it. Yesterday I beat New Super Mario Bros. U, though I still need to go through World 9. Also, I've been playing Sly Cooper (first one) since I bought the HD collection off of PSN when they went on sale last week. I've also been playing Recettear: An Item Shop's TaleArc Rise Fantasia, and BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for my jointly owned Let's Play Youtube Channel with Cloud_765 and SonicZero1993, GamingStooges. I need to get back into Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityCode of Princess, and Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure for my 3DS, Dragon's Dogma and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for my PS3, and Pandora's Tower for my Wii. Plus my crap ton of downloaded titles I've either played only a little bit of or have yet to touch.

Recently, I've been watching anime (gasp) because I got bored one day. I could list all the anime I've finished, or you could just visit my My Anime List. Right now I've watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo 2) and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (second season of A Certain Sceinitific Railgun).


Alright, now that I've pretty much played catch up (not like anyone is going to read this, I've just got an hour between my Hum 101 class and Concert Band to kill), it's time for me to get into the "meat" of this blog. Yesterday, my brother officially gave me his PlayStation 3, which has spent most of the last 3 and a half years sitting in my room. Though I have bought a hand-full of games for it since he got it (funny story as to why he bought it in the first place), and even getting PS Plus, I haven't really wanted to invest much money into a system I knew I'd either not have in about two months or have to buy my own.

Anyway, he gave me his console and all the games for it, which I took and traded in since they were mostly games I did not want (I did keep Soul Calibur 4 and his two Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast games). The nine or so games came to a total of $53ish of in-store credit. Part of the money went to buying Sonic Unleashed (PS3 version, already own the Wii version) and Record of Agarest War Zero. I also placed a preorder down on The Last of Us, but I still have about $29.

So here's my question, what should I get? Like I said, I have a hand-full of games for it already (namely the Sonic games, BorderlandsResident Evil 6, the five games I mentioned earlier, and some downloadable titles (including JourneyDyadRainbow MoonSound Shapes, and NiGHTS: Into Dreams... HD). I have a couple of games I'm looking into picking up (and I plan on getting a 2 TB hard drive for this thing since it only has 80 GB), but I'd like to take recommendations for rounding out my collection. I'm already rounding my Wii collection out (there's still about less than 20 games for my Wii that I'd like), so while I get down to the bottom of that collection, I would like to start working on the PS3. I'm mostly looking at getting RPGs (any kind work for me), though I am also up for other genres.


So if you made it through all of that, thanks for reading. If you just want a quick recap: I have too many games I've buying and I'd like some recommendations for the PlayStation 3, namely RPGs. I'll also take Wii recomendations as well.

And Now For an Actual Blog (PAX Answers, New Review, and My UCB)

It's been a while since I made a real blog (my last one was a teaser for my joke UCB, but more on that later). In my last one I asked you guys to give me question about my time at PAX, which only Soniczero1993 did. That's why I never made a follow up one. But here are his question and my answers!

s0: How was the overall experience?

I thought it was really fun. I had a great time walking around the show floor playing a bunch of different games and meeting some fun people. I was kind of sad I only went for a day, but I play on going again this year which some friends.

s0: Did you manage to play some noteworthy games worthy of your status? What was some of the noteworthy demos you played over there?

Yes, there were a bunch of fun games there that I got to try out. Some of my favorite titles that I played were Runner 2, Chasing Aurora, Resident Evil 6, The Wonderful 101, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

s0: Did you shake hands with Commander Video?

Sadly, no I didn't. I did see someone cosplay him though, which was actually really cool.


Enough of that, on to new business! Recently, due to a request from Cloud_765, I've written a review for The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think. It's been a while since I made a review, so I was a bit rusty.

I'm going try and more some more reviews, but I'm not completely sure what I'm going to review next. I'm thinking about doing a review for either Pushmo or Journey. Once I beat it I'll be doing a review for escapeVektorI'm about halfway through the game, but it is pretty long (since it has over 150 levels) so it'll be a while yet.


Since GameSpot is stopping paid subscriptions and we can have colored names and UCB, I've decided to put my UCB to use to something I feel really needs to be out there: a place where folks can talk about digital gaming. Digital gaming can be an unsafe place if you're not sure what you're about to buy, so I want a place for people to talk about and recommend games for digital services of all kinds. I'm calling it Dizzying Downloads.

I would love it if folks would come on down and post. I am looking for mods, so if you're interested, and you'll be active, let me know.


So I think the next time I make a blog I'll be sharing my top titles of 2012 (I'm late, oh well), but until then, thanks for reading.

PAX 2012 - Ask Me Questions About It

So I went to PAX 2012 this year last Saturday and I had a great time. I thought about typing up my adventures while I was there, but then I thought it would be better if I just have you guys ask me questions about it. Next time I'll make a blog answering (well trying) your questions.

Before I go, I'd like to say that recently I've picked up. First was The Last Story, which might I add is great so far (though I haven't played it much recently due being very busy). The second is this (which I bought at PAX):


Life is complete...

New Review Poll: Video Style

So I'm thinking of doing a new review, well video review. You can see the choices in this video.

Here's how it works:

Vote for your top three picks. Your 1st pick gets 3 points, 2nd pick gets 2 points, and your 3rd pick gets 1 point. You can cast your votes either here or on the video. I will tally up all the scores on June 5th.


In other news, I've picked up Mario Tennis Open, which is rather fun; Sonic 4: Episode II, which is pretty good; and the new DLC for Might Switch Force. I've also played the Rayman Origins 3DS demo and the PS3 demo for Dragon's Dogma. Still working on Xenoblade, but it's coming along.

Birthday, GS Anniversary, and Review Anniversary!

So this past week has been some fairly important days in my life. Last Sunday (the 22nd) was the four year anniversary of me joining GameSpot. Honestly it hasn't felt that long. But also this week I celebrated my own birthday (or as I called it, give me free stuff day) on the 26th and today is also a rather important day, the anniversary of me posting my first review.

For my birthday, I was given Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS, a Wii points card, a 3DS prepaid card, some candy, and $50. With the Wii points card I've picked up LostWinds for WiiWare. I'm still thinking of what I want to spend the other 1000 coins on. As for the 3DS prepaid card, I have picked up Adventure Island (GB). The $50 will go towards paying for The Last Story when it comes out in June.

From what I've played of it, Sonic Generations is that bad actually (I have beaten the final boss). Is it different from the HD version? Of course, but I still have fun with it. LostWinds is also rather fun, I like the idea of using wind to help your character go places. Adventure Island is also fun, but I haven't played much of it. Also, I'm still playing Xenoblade Chronicles, I am about 40 hours into the game and around level 52. I couldn't play it most of this week since school has been keeping me busy,

Last year I wrote up a little history lesson about reviewing and posted a review for BIT.TRIP RUNNER, well I don't have anything fancy like that this year as not much has changed besides the fact I've posted five reviews since then and that TGNGU named me Best Reviewer of 2011. What I do have is a new review for everyone to read: Mighty Switch Force.

That's about all I have to say right now, except I hope you all enjoy the review. I'm going to go back to listening to Knight of the Wind now.

Updates to my Youtube Channel? (Plus New Games!)

As many of you know, SonicZero, Cloud, and I have started a joint channel on Youtube called GamingStooges where we post videos of LPs (plus more coming soon). Due to this, my own Youtube channel has taken a bit of a back seat, well until now. Over the past two weeks, three new videos have gone up, each with their own purpose. I thought I'd take a moment to share these with you.

First off, in my last blog I had mentioned that I had a video review in the works. The review was going to be for Resident Evil Revelations. Well you can probably guess that I finished it. I haven't done many video reviews before, so these are kind of new to me, but I thought I'd give it a go anyways. I realise that there are a lot of "ummm..."s and things that I should of cut out. Unfortunetly, I couldn't edit the audio like I thought I'd be able to. Still, I hope you enjoy the review.

Next video is a look at one of the recent demos added to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. For a whlie, I had been filming these, but I stopped after the Metal Gear Soild 3D demo. Well, I decided I'd pick up filming these demos with the first one for a downloadable game, Mutant Mudds. The game has been out for a while now, but if you have yet to buy the game, I suggest downloading the demo, it's really fun. Here's the video and all of its terrible camera moving glory.

The last video was just uploaded today, my impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles so far. As of right now, I am 22 hours into the game, a little further than when I originally shot this. Over all, Xenoblade is a fantastic game thus far. The story is rather fasinating and it has a fun battle system. It plays like an MMO; auto-attacks, special attacks, cool-down times. It also features skill trees for each character, which you can link up with other characters to make them more powerful. It has a great soudntrack and look really good for the most part. Oh, and there is a lot of side quests! Well, I won't say anymore since I pretty much cover it all in the video.

While that is it for the main part of this blog, I thought I'd also tell you guys about some of the new games I've recived besides Xenoblade. I've downloaded a few titles off of the eShop this past week. Sonic Triple Trouble, Mighty Switch Force!, and (this one I got for free from GameStop thanks to a coupon) Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. I've also placed pre-orders on The Last Story and Pokemon Conquest. Funny story when I preordered Pokemon Conquest, when I went in to preorder it, the people working at GameStop didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about at first, yet my friend who gets most of his gaming information from me (and I didn't tell him about the game before hand) knew about it.

Short blog is short, but that's because it's mainly about videos... I'll see you guys next time.

Spring Break So Far (New Games, LPs, Review, PSN, and end of Top 40 Song list)

Hey folks! I thought now would be a good time to write up a blog to tell you all about what has been going on with me. Right now I'm on Spring Break, which is about halfway over. Officially, Spring Break started last Monday, though due to how my finals were set up, it really started the Thursday before that. Winter Quarter was pretty fun actually. I took English 101, World Civilizations II, and Calculus II, and got an A in each. Spring Quarter will be pretty much the same as Winter: English 109, World Civilizations III, and Calculus III.

But enough about boring school stuff, on to something that actually matter. Since my last blog, I have picked up a few games. Sonic Generations (PS3), Kid Icarus: Uprisings, 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, and Dragon Crystal off the eShop. I've beat Sonic Generations and have got almost all the trophies (there's one I'm missing) and I've also beat Dragon Crystal. I'm still working my way through Kid Icarus: Uprisings, I'm on Chapter 17. Haven't it touched 3D Classics: Kid Icarus too much, but that was free with Uprisings.

In terms of GamingStooges (for those who don't know, it is a joint channel between myself, SonicZero3000, and Cloud_765 where we post Let's Plays) after my BIT.TRIP VOID LP finished, we started a Sonic R LP which is over now as well. In its place is a Resident Evil Revelations LP which will be going for a while, though I do have the LP that will come after it already finished. My Arc Rise Fantasia LP is still running (it'll be going for a long time).

Speaking of Arc Rise Fantasia, last night I put the finishing touches of my review for it and posted it online. It seems when ever I try to go to it, I get a 404 (though after reading up about the problem here, it seems it might just be a cache problem and will be fixed soon, I hope). In the mean time, I do have the review posted on Tumblr if you would like to give it a read through. I think my next review will be for one of the eShop titles, Pushmo. I'll see if I can get that finished before School starts up again April 9th. My plans for a video review of Resident Evil Revelations are still in the works. I need a bit more footage and I have a bit of a cold and don't want me sniffling recording so I'm waiting a bit longer before I finish it.

Recently I set up a PSN account. Mainly I did it for a future LP me and SonicZero have planned, but I thought I'd let people add me if they felt like it. I really only have two games for the PS3 at this time, Sonic 06 and Sonic Generations, and there isn't too many games for it that I want. But I'd still be glad to add anyone if they want me to. My PSN account is kjhg53 of course.

That's about all I have right now. I'm looking forward to PAX since Runner 2 will be there and I'm gearing up for Xenoblade to be released. As the title says, I'm going to finally end that blog series I started a while ago with my Top 10 Video Game Songs. Well I might have to look back at the list since I think I'd make changes to it now, but that's who music goes, always changing. But I think that these ten are still some of my favorite songs out there:

10. Maenam (Braid)
9. Treasure Town (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)
8. Miror B. Battle (Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness)
7. Hero of the Wind (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
6. Chomp Attack (Paper Mario)
5. Orbital Ring Systems Cargo Bay (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars)
4. Transistion (BIT.TRIP BEAT)
3. Epiphany (BIT.TRIP FLUX)
2. Strange Comfort (BIT.TRIP FLUX)
1. Can You Feel The Sunshine? (Sonic R)

EDIT: Arc Rise Fantasia Review link works on GameSpot now. 404 free.