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Great thread name!

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I think the argument that HL2 is "so-and-so" years old doesn't up. I think to date, HL2 and it's episodes are clearly still a cut above the most of the FPS's that are released today.

As a shooter, it provides a balanced set of weapons that matches the situation and pacing at hand. Surrounded by Combine at CQC? There's the shotgun. Enemies at medium range? You have the SMG. Things are a bit slow paced and you see some soldiers off at the distance? There's the crossbow. Want to take out a bunch of them in a great displace of fireworks? There's the alt-fire of the Assault Rifle. See a few gunships flying in the air giving you trouble? There's the rocket launcher, which in itself is a fun little cat-and-mouse game that deviates from your tradition click and shoot scenario in most FPS's.

There's also specific story-based weapons that highlight some of the most fun you'll have in the game. Since the TC hasn't reached it, I won't spoil it here. But those who have finished and love the game know the epicness that happens at the beaches of Nova Prospekt and at the Citadel at the end of the story.

What's perhaps the most amazing aspect of HL2 is despite its very lengthy campaign, which is nearly twice as long as the recent COD games, is its pacing. It's easy to throw climactic setpieces one after another in a short 4-hour campaign, it's another string them along an 8-10 hour game and actually have them feel coherent, relevant to the story, and not feel overwhelmed. Even the way the game spreads out the resources show how deliberate the game is designed. Not every battle offers a bunch of health packs and ammo. But they appear right when you know you're at the brink of running low on health or ammo. It's design decision like these that are often overlooked, but when you realize it, you begin to appreciate the game so much more.

The game isn't perfect (but really, no game is) and it does have some issues. But i think the positives overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives. I suggest the TC to play through the game, and try to keep in mind what sort of design decisions were made. And try to look at the game as a comprehensive package, rather than a series of gunfights right after another. And if you still feel the game is still "eh", at least you gave it a fair shake.

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I picked it up today and played for about an hour. However, most of that hour was spent looking around and enjoying the scenery. Fans of the first game will quickly recognized that the first half-dozen or so test chambers are taken directly from the Portal. Not only are they overrun with vegetation, but you'll approach/enter these chambers from a totally different perspective. It's a rather effective way to tie these two games together, while making the second go-around a fresh experience. So far, as mostly everyone has said, the game is really hilarious. I often found myself listening to Wheatley just to hear what he'll say next. The loading times really are too frequent as many people have mentioned. If i weren't so inclined to soak up every spoken diologue or gawk at the scenery, I would've found myself staring at loading screens every minute. While the loading times aren't long at all, the idea that levels that are obviously meant to be quickly run through have to be individually loaded is puzzling. Well, that's all I have for now. I wish I could've played more and at least reached the main thrust of the game. But so far, it's def a game I'd recommend.
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I feel bad, but I had to cancel my preorder due to some hard times. I've heard that the singleplayer is about 6 hours long, which isn't enough bang for my buck right now. I feel like a dork for making a huge thread for a game I can't afford.:P


never apologize for making a thread about portal! sorry to hear about your hard times... hope things pick up soon :)

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if a game is really great, i usually find myself not wanting the game to end and when it does, i'm left feeling satisfied about how it all wrapped up. everything in the half-life universe, the metroid prime series, ocarina of time, are just a few examples when i felt that the game was so great, i simply didn't want it to end.

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i know the feeling of anxiety before joining multiplayer sessions for a game that i haven't played before. i guess part of it is you're stepping into a community that's unfamiliar. even when posting on forums for the first time, i get that feeling of stepping into new territory. but i've realized the anxiety is more or less self-imposed, and it can feel like intimidation. the pressure of not looking like a noobtrying to figure out the controls for fighting games or the maps for FPS, and generally performing well overall can feel a bit overwhelming. you become more comfortable after several rounds of play, and eventually stop caring about it because most people aren't really paying attention to you specifically; they're just there to enjoy the game too.

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yeah...sometimes i play through games with self-imposed challenges and such (like beating the original contra using only the rifle wiithout losing a life)

nowadays, i rarely play games once i finished it outside of collecting any misc. achievements i may have missed.

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on the consoles, i think double dragon 2...

via dial-up, blood

online via the internets... quake through mplayer (remember that??)

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That is more comforting/reassuring than an EA CEO saying the game was "designed to take down CoD". :roll:

I also dislike that they are saying that. It already was better than COD and its a completely style of game. I hope they don't get too blinded by trying to beat COD, Just continue trying to make the best Battlefield game for your fans. You don't need to beat COD

I also have don't like how EA is taking the bullhorn approach, just constantly yelling "COD's going down!" at anyone who'll listen. I'm super excited about this game, and the videos we've seen are amazing, but we still haven't seen a lot in single player, and nothing on multiplayer. in the end, what's important is making a great game that can stand by itself. i just feel like if EA continues with this, around fall of this year people will focus on the number of sales rather than the quality of the product.
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I'm certain I voted in every category the first time around. But due to the craziness that's the holidays, i never really checked if the votes ever reset. In subsequent visits, it looked like my votes were logged in. Thanks for looking into this.