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It's not the most intuitive or responsive game regardless of whether you're playing it stealthily or as a shooter. It's still a great action game but a lot was done between MGS3 and 4 to make it play like a modern game. There are some long load times and the cutscenes can be extremely overbearing if you're not invested in Kojima's hokey story, but it still looks decent and its set-pieces are some of the best on the PS3.

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You sir are a master of obfuscation. Straightforwardness is something that happens to other people. Also any game that shows people what bullets do to the genitalia deserves a cult following, otherwise what is the world coming to?

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If you loved the gameplay and open world stuff of AC2 then Brotherhood is definitely worth the price of admission. There is literally monstrous levels of content and it's all nicely varied and interesting, the gameplay is the smoothest and most enjoyable it has ever been actually and Ubisoft have finally nailed the controls this time. If you only appreciate AC for the story then stay away as it's just filler with some nonsensical happenstances near the end. It's just the culmination of the AC gameplay formula, not a realisation of its creative potential

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Only if they provided free stimulants to numb the part of my brain screaming at me to strangle George Lucas with a stuffed Rancor

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any of the dirt games, especially dirt 3

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a great trailer and sci-fi take does not a good FPS make. Prey 2 is just a fantastic piece of marketing material, just like Dead Island. I'll reserve judgement until I see solid, lengthy gameplay which is what a good, cynical gamer should base his/her/its assumptions on. I've watched too many previews and trailers for dreadful games to be taken in anymore

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in-FA-MOUS 2 four syllables of brilliance and blatant fanboyism. i thank you
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stop saying his name, if we ignore him he might go away, get depressed and throw himself off something tall
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Alan Wake

Halo Reach

Gears of War 2

Splinter Cell Conviction

The Conduit

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Need for Speed Shift


Uncharted: Drakes Fortunre

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I'd buy infamous 2 for the reason I bought the first game over Prototype, namely concept. Infamous is a game homage to comics and superhero's set in its own bespoke fiction whereas Prototype is a admittedly fun but unfocused mess of fantasy powers dreamt up by 13 year olds. Infamous knows what it is and what it wants to achieve while Prototype just wants to be a bloody as possible in the most spectacular way (not a bad thing)

Anyway I love the guys at Sucker Punch studios for giving me Sly Cooper, I'd rather pay their cheques

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