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I am.Are any of you guys?

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This is just a quick question. I remember coming up on a post not too long ago about having 12 GB of RAM.One user did a small test on the ram. According to the data, the higher the ram, the less performance increase. For exmaple 4-5 gigs have around a 20% increase. 12 gigs has close to 0% increase or very low. Why is that? I thought having more ram would be a good thing, like somewhat increasing game performance. I am asking this because of curiosity and seeing if i should get more ram. So is this statement/test true?

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i start to realize that they're all a "recylced" game expierence. Every mmo website always introduce another dungeons and dragons game, or another chinese-war game.It's always another grinding experience may be it 2D or 3D. I don't know how this appeals to people but i think that they're all "been there done that" expierience. I don't know every single one of them, but from the looks of it and having play some of them, they're basically all the same.

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A WW1 game because no one has done that(technically) and its much better than another modern warfare game. A korean war game would be pretty good also, but most of the weapons are reoccuring weapons from ww2 so i wouldn't know if people still have interest in the "ww2" theme.

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Fallout is probably what you're looking for. it's definitely not "magic" related and all that.

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damaged disc department, slightly damaged hard drive.

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ok how about this--it's a story about a guy who cared a little too much about reznov from black ops.

so after playing one level in which dimitri and reznov are suppose to find dragovich(something like that, i don't have black ops anymore)and apparently one of them died(reznov or dimitri idk as mentioned before)and therefore, the guy went to mod his xbox so they wouldn't die. he also modded it so that he could kill dragovich.eventually, his xbox broke down.

i heard this somewhere, and i think it's true.Now isn't that taking a game too seriously?this also costed him his xbox.

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how about playing the game so much you become an expert on it?

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basically means that do you care about the protagonist of the game, base your theory on a game, or somehow you can identify one's facial features to another? (happened to me before when playing red dead) so have any of you guys took game so seriously you can do one of these things?

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