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mmo games suck thats just it.Greedy,stupid,gm's who cares too much about the $cha chings$ i rather get a real game!

World at War becomes CPU at War

i'm toast. COD5 performance rate is pretty bad and i need to resolve. I need some $$$$ to get a new graphics card, but i'm still toast. MP is getting to my nerves and this call for some desperate measures and that doesn't include smashing my hand through my monitor!


or for christmas ask for a change for better gameplay!!!!

COD4 is not really my game any more...............

ok cod4 is still fun......sometimes. the marty and all those cheap perks ticks me off,as well as joining dead servers which is just messed up! all i want now is a good game to come at chirstmas or find a rocking mmo game that is good. far...they're doing great, but not good enough to surpass our current video games.I want to play WaW so badly! fortunately for me, i'm getting it next saturday!!!and maybe, i might stop playing cod4, and return to WW2 for a great gaming expierience?!!

Debate-Call of Duty MW2

i really don't believe how MW2 is really under rated. the single player looks solid and i've heard it's great...but the major disapointment to all PC nerds is the MP.So there's no dedicated servers,it's not the end of the world!i don't mind playing with a few players,because it gives me the feel,the feel in which you get to use the element of suprise to take out your enemy. but i think there should be 24 players max though, for more solid,yet simple gameplay. MW2 met all the basic visual requirements and the only thing i'm worried about is MP. It looks fun at some point, but it could be trouble. thanks to the PC nerds i'm forced not to buy it. Now i'm getting COD5 for christmas and i'm very excited to return back to WW2 and fight alongside my fellow marines and soviets.

But 1 thing that is right about MW2 is that it's not worth $60.

Road to Brother in Arms?

i think cod5 is too expensive and may be a waste of money?so i might get 2 Brother in arms games instead.road to hill 30 and hell's highway.i think.i really wanted cod5 instead.

Quick Update

MAYBE getting it!I'm ANXIOUS.May get it about a 75% chance and 15% not.I really want to see how good they're making it,WW2.Modern Warfare is Great but not the best.WaW however,might be the best for me since i'm a total WW2 gamer.I just have to find out!


cod5 is probably on hold since i might not be getting it because of it's high price.I may get it but that's a small chance.Maybe i'll get brother in arms or call of duty 1 or 2.That's on my list right now as a plan B situation.But i really wanted cod5 because the pacific war is very interesting and i want to see how Treyarch suceed in completing WW2.

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