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I guess I'll go with something no one has said and say Spongebob. I legitimately still enjoy watching some of the older episodes. I've seen newer ones and it's just not the same, but I guess no show is after 15 years. I'd say it started to lose its quality some time after the movie came out.

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Hmm. Not a lot of hobbies. I guess working out, otherwise I would go insane/get fat. I've played golf on and off for a long time. I've never been really good at it, though. It's extremely frustrating. I'm not a music expert or anything, but I enjoy listening to the selective things I like. And of course I watch a bit of TV and movies. So it's a pretty boring life aside from when I get sucked into video games and such, but that's kind of how I prefer it.

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Oh wow. I used to eat these all the time. Now I usually eat those Nutri-grain bars or whatever they're called. But the cereal bars were definitely better. I loved the cheerios one, and the cocoa puffs ones were pretty good too. Yeah, I should start getting these again. Maybe they were just a bit expensive, but I actually haven't seen one in a while.

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The fact that you have to pay to subscribe, and then pay again to 'rent' a game for a limited amount of time, it's just; no, it's not worth it.

Wait, what? Is that really how it is? I've been confused about how PS Now is supposed to work. Initially I thought it was going to be a subscription service where you have access to a bunch of games with the rentals being its own separate thing. Now, that doesn't seem to be the case and that rentals are the ONLY part of it. But I've never heard that you have to pay for a subscription for the ability to even rent the games. That would be stupid if true, but I'm clearly still confused as to how the service is supposed to work and what you have to pay for.

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But I just can't keep up with their yearly releases anymore.

I guess you could always play them a couple of years apart. Nothing says you must play them immediately upon release. With a series this popular you could wait a long time and still find people to play the multiplayer portions with if you like, and of course the solo play could be done any time at all provided the platform you got it on is still supported.

Well, I guess my main problem is that I find it hard to get excited for the next game when I haven't even played the one before that.

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i defended sony for the last 6 months but now i really am getting tired of these crappy games for the ps4.....Fez i purchased already and the other one i just ....don't know what to say really....just give up. does a game really have to be shit in order for them to give it away?. they should have 5 games to choose from this way we can pick the ones we don't already have.

You're asking too much from the PS4 side of things... remember that you're mostly paying for the service on the PS4 so you can play games online. They aren't just going to be handing out full retail games just yet.

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The Remastered version actually has slightly different trophies, just the MP DLCs though. And the DLC trophies are still DLC trophies, in that you don't have to get them for the plat. So the lists are virtually the same otherwise, but they are separate.

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That's cool, I guess. Haven't paid much attention to this game since it seemed like it was going to focus on co-op based on its E3 appearance. If that's actually only a small part of the game and if I ever get around to playing AC4 (and liking it) I'll maybe consider giving this game a shot. But I just can't keep up with their yearly releases anymore.

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@SoNin360: actually, it's a bit more than increased graphics. They re-did the gunplay a bit, made it run at 60 FPS, and included the Left Behind DLC and a ton of map packs, along with a new photo sharing mode and developer commentary.

Still nothing there (for me) to justify buying the game again. This is is great for those who have yet to play the game, but again, I'm surprised at how little it takes for people to buy the same game again.

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None of this is even confirmed. Yeah, they teased something not long ago that is going to involve BioShock, but until they make any announcements I'm going to assume they're going to remaster the original BioShock or all of them to make a quick few bucks.

But if there is, in fact, going to be a BioShock 3 or any new BioShock game, I also ask what more can be added to the story. I mean, I love BioShock and the stories they told and how it all came together, but what does that leave? I don't know if I want more background on characters we all ready know, or more background on a world we already know. I think it should be left alone for a while unless there really is a meaningful story somewhere in there to tell.