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thats awesome, i always new thats where deer came from
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Always act super cocky no matter what, like you're the best person ever. Make lude sexual remarks at all times. If she's pretending to be uncomfortable with this, just perservere, as it is an act, inevitably.quiglythegreat
cocky is good, cocky and funny is the key, and since your going to a haunted house, you should say "want to see somethin really scary?", then like wip out your schlong or somethin
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its basically a DMT trip, if you really want a deeper meaning to dreams don't take psychology, smoke DMT, its the craziest psychedelic drug of all time, and its amazing
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[QUOTE="Putzwapputzen"]they are really wierd. i just wish there was some way of recording them, so i could watch them when im awkake :)Rekunta

Same here, Also, i wish i could relive my dreams, and able to control things in them. awww, thatd be sick

You can control them, it's called Lucid dreaming.

lucid dream pills are cool, u can control them, but i guess it depends on the person

but dreaming is one of the most important parts of human nature, whether or not what you dream about has any meaning in your actual life is irrelevant, it just keeps you sane and able to live

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The only things my dreams are good for are conversation material... I like'm but I could live without.Hungry_bunny

fact: you can't live without dreaming, you would go insane

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[QUOTE="aaaaarrrrggggg"]I know, they should just stop serving all together. aaaaarrrrggggg

why?, its delicious, and cheap

Because, Mcdonalds made me overweight as a child, and i would rather not have the same happen to others.

And you're blaming that on them?

Obesity corresponds to the amount of meals eaten away from home. Mcdonalds is a contributing factor to obesity.

so are video games

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The wife is out for the whole weekend on a girls getaway. Football, vids, and maybe a nap or two.LukeAF24
cheers to that
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[QUOTE="KHfanboy2"][QUOTE="Rotondi"]mcdonalds stops serving breakfast at 1030...i mean this is a major issure we have here in the united statesKHfanboy2

Wow. I'm someone who dosen't care. There's something called cereal. *throws u some Cheerio's*

i mean bad could mean anything man, like playing sports could be bad, walking outside could be bad, moving could be bad

cheerio's doesnt have the trans fat that i need

It's something I like to call "healthy". McDonalds is bad for u d00d.

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Grandmaster Flashleegar88

by far

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[QUOTE="Rotondi"][QUOTE="aaaaarrrrggggg"]60 grams of fat?...920 calories?......One burrito. Dude, that's nearly half of what you should be eating in a day :?CheddarLimbo

who cares, its absolutley delicious.

Who cares? Everyone who's even remotely concerned about their health. Those are who care. And that's half the amount of calories, but way more fat than you should be consuming.

well how about i eat 3 of those things, then go to the gym for an hour, is it ok then?

NO. It's still not okay. Going to the gym is going to burn the calories, but not the saturated fats.

Not to mention even burning those calories, is going to take upwards towards three hours of intense physical exercise. More even if your only going to the gym.

but if i eat 4 of those things, then go really intense at the gym, is it ok then

You either have no idea how your body functions or you are being obtuse on purpose. Either way - Good day, sir!

my body likes fat