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I haven't been able to create a user review in over a month :/ I get the same error.

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Maybe this issue has been solved already, but I've try to post a user review for Shovel Knight and for Guacamelee and get this error when I click "Create User Review":

404: Not Found

Welp, you seem to be lost but while you're here....

Feel free to explore the dungeon down below you, in order to find treasure!

Take me back to homepage or use our search to find exactly what you're looking for.

Anyone have an answer for this one?

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@Rotondi: what i don't understand is that you seem like very smart guy but it's strange that i keep see you troll the game in the articles

why are you doing that ?!

On Topic: what i recall is that before the last of us come out fanboys were saying every one will forget about this game in a month and it won't sell sh1t (which is now over 7 million sold) and after a month they said wait few more months and now they are saying it's only one year old game give it another year

in this gen a game get backlash just after 2-3months after the hype is gone .....i keep say alot of hate for dark souls 2 BTW

yet this game is still going strong after over a year and the fact that Users matescore is 90+% on every Metascore site (which is rare those days from gamers ) prove that it lived up to it hype for most who played it not just the critcs

Last of Us has always been an interesting topic for me. I do get carried away and exaggerate points when I'm trying to have some fun, however I think there is a lot of great counter-arguments to why The Last of Us is not that great. Like many people have the opinion that The Last of Us is incredible, my opinion is different and there is a lot of fun in trying to convince the other side why your opinion is better.

Naughty Dog made The Last of Us, so I'm not so sure who the heck said this game wouldn't live up the hype or wouldn't sell. Practically everybody has been nuts over this game since its initial reveal. I was even nuts for this game when it was first revealed. So I think when you refer to some people who said this game wouldn't live up to the hype, you're talking about an extreme, extreme minority of people who had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Sony fans are nuts for Uncharted, so obviously The Last of Us would be a hit.

The Last of Us defines modern gaming. It is the ideal single-player game that the majority of people who play games today WANT to play, this includes critics. There is no reason why The Last of Us wouldn't have scored as high as it did. Then there's me. The Last of Us is not my ideal game. It did not feel original and I felt the story was lame. But, I have complete respect for the people that enjoy this game. I'm just here to talk about my opinion that's all. It's fun having an opinion that not many people have. It's fun trying to convince people that The Last of Us may not be the 2nd coming of Christ. I also don't think many of the highly acclaimed movies of the last decade are that good either. Like Salinger once said, "People are always clapping at the wrong things."

It blows my mind that in today's gaming world, a game like Wonderful 101 doesn't sell anything and something like Call of Duty sells a god amount of copies. So I don't care what metascore The Last of Us got. The majority of gamers today would rather play a brainless shooter or a brainless action game than something like FTL. The majority of gamers today also put far too much stock in graphics, an aspect of gaming that matters so little. I take the fact that the majority of video game critics gave a high score to The Last of Us with a grain of salt since the majority opinion on video games is often very far from what I find enjoyable and fun.

That's not to say I always disagree with the majority.

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@elkoldo: I don't think it was a big achievement in gameplay at all, but the graphics, soundtrack were solid. The story didn't really do it for me. I see your point about the heart-broken father, but the world of The Last of Us was far too contrived to fit the central theme.

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thats awesome, i always new thats where deer came from
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Always act super cocky no matter what, like you're the best person ever. Make lude sexual remarks at all times. If she's pretending to be uncomfortable with this, just perservere, as it is an act, inevitably.quiglythegreat
cocky is good, cocky and funny is the key, and since your going to a haunted house, you should say "want to see somethin really scary?", then like wip out your schlong or somethin
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its basically a DMT trip, if you really want a deeper meaning to dreams don't take psychology, smoke DMT, its the craziest psychedelic drug of all time, and its amazing
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[QUOTE="Putzwapputzen"]they are really wierd. i just wish there was some way of recording them, so i could watch them when im awkake :)Rekunta

Same here, Also, i wish i could relive my dreams, and able to control things in them. awww, thatd be sick

You can control them, it's called Lucid dreaming.

lucid dream pills are cool, u can control them, but i guess it depends on the person

but dreaming is one of the most important parts of human nature, whether or not what you dream about has any meaning in your actual life is irrelevant, it just keeps you sane and able to live

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The only things my dreams are good for are conversation material... I like'm but I could live without.Hungry_bunny

fact: you can't live without dreaming, you would go insane

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[QUOTE="aaaaarrrrggggg"]I know, they should just stop serving all together. aaaaarrrrggggg

why?, its delicious, and cheap

Because, Mcdonalds made me overweight as a child, and i would rather not have the same happen to others.

And you're blaming that on them?

Obesity corresponds to the amount of meals eaten away from home. Mcdonalds is a contributing factor to obesity.

so are video games