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You can do MGR! You just have to believe!

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Go Team Lords of Shadow.

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After a heavy Fire Emblem session I'll sometimes stop what I'm doing because I'm convinced that I've come to the end of my blue movement range (I can even see the squares :) )

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I'm hiding in the bathroom because I really don't want to go to work. Save me!

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I mean that my ability to use Batman's toolset to maximum potential will never be good enough to make dent in those challenges (my predator encounters in the campaign are typically scrappy affairs).

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+100 to this. Roll on generation 8!

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I'm the opposite - campaign is the meat and drink of any Arkham game as far as I' concerned. The challenge rooms just mock me with game playing skills I'll never be able to master.

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He's Leon's father, come to punish his son for leaving the bathroom light on when he left for his first day at the RPD.