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Because if we're honest with ourselves we would admit that we really like hitting kids.


Gamespot really needs a 'like' feature

A pleasure as always, raw.

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Because if we're honest with ourselves we would admit that we really like hitting kids.

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Slightly off topic... What happened to Trails in the Sky 2? They released part one on the PSP (which I picked up), but there were supposed to be 2 more parts. I did not want to start playing it till I got the next 2...just go straight through. I have enough of a backlog to keep me busy for as long as it takes. Your save data was supposed to carry over. But it looks like they are never coming??? Also (since it is in the OP), anyone know if FF Type 0 is dead as far as an English release?rawsavon

I got all excited when I read the words Legend of Heroes, because I was hoping for some news of the follow up to Trails in the Sky. Really want that sequel (although I thought there were rumours floating around about the series getting a PS3 release).

Still, taken on its own merits this one looks pretty good.

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It holds the greatest power of all - the human heart. Believe!

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I've bought Resident Evil 4 on every system it's been released for (except the PC, but from what I understand I'm not missing much).

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It was awesome-ish. The globin was strong with this one.

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Because English is the global language of rocking out.

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[QUOTE="mrmusicman247"]is a feather REALLY a feather?firefox59
Let's start by asking ourselves, 'What is a feather?' Is a feather merely something that falls off a bird and then becomes decoration? Maybe a trophy to symbolize victory over a great beast? Or is it much much more.

If a feather falls in the forest and no-one is there to see it, is it still a feather?

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I finished up Fire Emblem: Awakening two days ago and powered through Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon yesterday and today.

I bought SMT IV the other day but now I finally have time to get into it. I've played about an hour of it so far and I'm learning about the battle system and I'm on the second quest, to recruit allies.

I hope I do enjoy the game, so far I'm really intrigued but I hope it stays that way. The only other SMT title I've played is Devil Suvivor and I wasn't really a fan of it, I couldn't get into it. This seems much easier to get into though.


I'm on the last day of Devil Survivor Overclocked and loving it (three cheers for Easy mode). I'm concentrating on levelling at the moment because I'm just too chicken to plough on to the final battle (based on conversations with various characters it really doesn't sound like anything nice :P)

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Oh come on everyone, at least it's more Breath of Fire :P And who's to say it won't lead to something more substantial down the road?

So turn those frowns upside down! Remember, it takes 72 muscles to frown but only 14 to smile (or so well-meaning adults told me when I was a child).