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I would suggest Fatal Frame one of my fav games of all time and the only game series to actually scare me while playing. Make sure you play it with surround sound though to get the full effect! BenefitEvil

Fatal Frame (or Project Zero here in Europe) is nearly impossible to find. :(

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It depends. Do you enjoyed Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 or 4? Because this one somewhat remind those. Not exactly but definitely closer to them than to Homecoming or Shattered Memories. Personally, I loved it. Reminded good ol' days with Silent Hill 1-4.
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[QUOTE="lightleggy"][QUOTE="Wilfred_Owen"][QUOTE="lightleggy"] Yeaaah... I think I better go on boat.

Don't be a pansy.

i'd rather be a pansy that being a...deadsy.

You wanna know statistics? There is 1 in 1600000 chance of a plane crash. That is the safest way of transportation, you are more likely to die in a boat ride.
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I really appreciated "The Room" a lot, when i heard the premise I was very sceptical, and the beginning with being locked in that room was amazingly claustrophobic. I honestly got a little panicky when I had looked around the place, and out those dirty windows...

.. It reminded me of places I crashed during college, but the kitchen was cleaner!


The first one was the best, to me. Purely on nostalgia of that first time playing... I wish I could get that feeling back!

:lol: :lol: Yeah, not gonna lie. I liked SH4 as well. maybe not as much as 1 or 2 but liked it very much.
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To be honest, I think that COD culture killed Survival Horror. Don't start hating me, I like some COD myself. Thing is, all the younger gamers would not prefer sweating and freaking out while playing a game. All gamers nowadays want are checkpoints every fifty steps and 600 rounds of ammunition. And survival horror cannot compete with that. Ten years ago, when survival horror was in its golden age gamers had more patience and drive, survival horror games were rewarding. Right now everyone is praising RE5 while for me it is just another checkpoint based TPS with plentiful ammo and no reward whatsoever.

Just think for a second. If RE3: Nemesis was a third person shooter back in 1999 would it be rated 8.5ish? No. Because at that time people cared about survival horror.

<\ rant >

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Don't really see it happening. :( Would be cool though! Still have the original The Thing for PC, even beat it once more year-or-so ago.
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Hmmm, I really haven't played DayZ but to offer something similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. you can try Dead Island. It open world game too containing zombies. Might suit you!
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I hope RE6 is more like the old school survival horror. RE5 was way too much of an action game.


Oh dear lord, I would not hope or expect that at all. You might break your heart with let down :(

Oh How I've longed for a truly survival horror Resident Evil game, in the same creepy believable vein of the first couple games. I mean... could you IMAGINE a resident evil game with static rendered worlds and ultra realistic animations and sounds of the current generation of hardware? I mean... just look at what they accomplished 10 years ago?!


WHO DOESN'T WANT THIS, with 10 years of technological advancements?!?!?!

Yeah you're right.. :( I already seen the trailer long ago and it looks like another RE action game. But I still have hope. I miss the old RE games.

Hey, hold on there. You are going to make me cry. :( Seriously, we need a decent RE game.
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[QUOTE="user1mame"]Resident evil 6Icepick_Trotter

OP said 'horror game'.

[on topic] Fatal Frame 2 for the Wii.

Lol, so true. Would be cool to actually get a survival-horror RE! :) I'm getting old. :(
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Wow, I've never heard about this game either. Going to try finding this game for sure!!