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I honestly think someone out there could make a great "The Thing" game remastered or rebuilt with new characters or what have you. I know what you're thinking "play dead space THEN" well i do and love it. but i love the thing series as well, they are the same but different smells (lol) both movies and the game were awesome and WE WANT MORE!!!!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?! no co-op. that would kill the whole thing. the point is to be scared and not know who is infected and/or when they may turn. flashlights loosing power and having to find more, just everything from the ps2 version made new for ps3 (and xbox 360 too i guess ;p). i know it will be a great game and for the right devs you will see the potential in different mechanics you could introduce to the game. as long as its scary, suspenseful and intriguing fans will buy it. do your homework. study the world of The Thing and you will see what a great game could be made from this.

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the thing game was really good and a remake would be awesome as long as they didnt change the trust system to much
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Yea definitely. plus with the type and response of squad mechanics today it'll make it easier to get thru a lv without worrying about friendly crossfire too much. also the design will be clearer (of coarse) making the monsters and the environment more scary, darker.... putting you on the edge of your seat. hell they may even be able to make it scarier then dead space lol i half doubt it (depends on devs), but it would be a great series to start. if done right, we could have a whole series of games in the TPS survival horror genre.

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After I saw the recent prequel and enjoyed it, I found a copy of the PS2 version and played the game, and while I liked it a lot, I think they've kind of done it all with the three movies and the game. Could they work another story out of it? Yes. But they've done the Arctic Circle with the cold effects and environments...So really, what's the point?

There wasn't really all that big a crowd for the PS2 game, I can't imagine a dev dumping mad money into a project which maintains the high standards of the story ("Who Goes There?" [Campbell/Stuart]), the three films ("Thing from Another World" [1951], "John Carpenter's 'The Thing' " [1981], and "The Thing" [2011]) to the degree we want it to happen.


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Honestly i would be happy with an HD remastered PS2 version. like they did for Silent Hill or God of War.

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Honestly i would be happy with an HD remastered PS2 version. like they did for Silent Hill or God of War.


Not to sound overly negative, because I'm not... But the HD process was NOT kind to the SH games... Buy those in their original format.


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Sure the voice acting is technically "better", but I'll take the original any day. No one is going to dump money into glossing up "The Thing", and maybe that's for the best...

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I have the originals of SH and the HD collection for both Silent Hill and God of War and i love the HD versions more. In SH HD you get everything even if it was an Xbox ver. exclusive and since the patch ive enjoyed it even more. i keep the old voices on SH2 and the VO on 3 is ok at most but i still love it. I wish they would HD remaster alot of games (SH series stil has a few that need it) and i know im not alone on this. Plenty of others love the older games and miss the backwards compatibilty from PS3. i honestly think they will make some money. Maybe not alot due to some people still own ps2 systems, but for those of us who idiotically traded ours in i still think HD is a great idea. Lots of us love the new graphics and, hell i love how SH3 looks compared to quite a few PS3 titles. it looks and feels better then the original. Sony already anounced they were making plenty of combo packs and i just feel that HD remastered versions would go nicely into that promo. They could put SH The room with Origins.

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i love the HD versions more.


We're done here.

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I'm not, lol. i am still highly anticipating a new installment to "The Thing" series and i think a new video game would be the greatest outlet. if its just the HD version i know me and any fan of the series would love to replay it and i know there are those who may not of even known of the game or just didn't get a chance to. so what better way to please all them with an HD remastered version or even better an entirely new story based after the game (considering its the last in the series time wise). i know its an old story and tweaked from an old book/movie ya ya ya the way john carpenter did it with the movies and game are awesome and there are plenty of us who want more.

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I'm not holding my breath waiting but it would be nice.

Although I also agree that the PS3 hasn't done much of a job with an of the horror games they've come up with or any they've remade.

I say horror because they have yet to do a true survival horror game - they are all Resident Evil styIe action horror games.

Even the great Siren/Forbidden Siren while truly creepy and a lot of fun did have weapons and fighting so it wasn't a true Survival - horror game, more of an action horror but with definitely more horror elemints than most of them.

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Don't really see it happening. :( Would be cool though! Still have the original The Thing for PC, even beat it once more year-or-so ago.