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Games, Pictures, Information and Announcements Thread


~About The 3DS Info Thread~

This thread is meant to provide information, pics and vids for unreleased 3DS games. It will also cover the latest downloadable releases. I'll be updating this thread regularly, so be sure to check back every now and again. And make sure you check out page 4 of this thread, which has even more information and videos for future 3DS games.

Please feel free to discuss any of the games, information, pictures and videos that you've seen in the thread. You can also ask for recommendations OR make recommendations for 3DS Retail and Downloadable games that you're interested in. Also be sure to watch out for my most recent posts, which are posted after each thread update. They'll cover whats been added, removed, games now at retail and recent news.

This Week's e-Shop Releases (SEP 20)




GENRE: Role-Playing


If you'd like a taste before the full game's launch on September 27th there's a demo on the North American eShop right now! Any items and Denpa Men raised can be transferred over to the full game.

Click here for more pics & vids

Rising Board 3D

GENRE: Action, Adventure

PRICE: $2.99



Do you miss the sandy beaches?!? Get your board and dive into the happy, colorful world of Pop Island!!! If you are looking for fame or just the beauty of a trick, join us! You're joining a style, you're joining a familiy!!!


Put your board in the water and surf the wave!!! Slalom across the islands to collect sun points! You can use them to buy new boards! Whether you are riding a sailboard, or a kiteboard, a wakeboard or a surf, define your style, leave your mark.


Launch your best tricks and, carried by the music, create your choreography. These are not just tricks, it is an experience of making a beautiful gesture, with good timing, with joy!!!


Special events punctuate your progress. Wait to surf giant waves or step onto a stream so fast it makes time stand still!


* 8 different boards to collect and customize!!!
* Unlimited challenges! Unlimited fun!!!
* 3D Pop Island environments at 60 frames per second!!!"

Click here for more pics & vids

Pokedex 3D - Last Chance To Get It!

GENRE: Application



"If you haven't downloaded Pokedex 3D to your Nintendo 3DS system yet, time is running out. The free application, which lets you see each Pokemon in 3D with animated motion and sound, will be available in the Nintendo eShop only until Oct. 1, 2012.

If you already own Pokedex 3D be sure to update it to unlock a number of features. This will immediately unlock 6 Pokemon, including Reshiram and Zekrom, that previously required scanning a Pokemon AR Marker. It will also make all other Pokemon downloadable through SpotPass, including all alternate forms which previously were only available by connecting with friends. To update Pokédex 3D, just tap the Update button inside the application."

Click here for more pics & vids

e-Shop + DSiWare:

Retro Pocket

GENRE: Arcade

PRICE: $4.99 / 500 points


"Retro Pocket is a fun and exciting video game that brings you back to the glory days of LED handhelds!

Discover eight all-original LED-style games such as Kung Fu Hero, Whale Escape, Mind Your Head, Candy Factory and more! Retro Pocket features Game A and Game B modes in all eight games for extra gameplay variations and more high scores to obtain. Aside from the retro visuals, an all-original retro-game-inspired soundtrack await your ears as well! UFO Interactive Games would like to welcome you (back) into the wonderful world of Retro Pocket!


* Eight all-original retro LED-style games!
* Game A and Game B modes for each game!
* All-original retro-inspired soundtrack!"

Click here for more pics & vids

Also Available Now In The Nintendo eShop:

Fractured Soul
Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D
Bookstore Dream
Balloon Pop Remix
Heyawake by Nikoli
Crazy Hunter
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - FREE DEMO VERSION

3DS Hardware News

In future updates they plan to add:

- Miiverse functionality
- Accessing and purchasing content in the Nintendo e-Shop from PCs and Smartphones
> More Info

Software Updates are now available for certain 3DS Downloadable games:

You can download (free) performance updates for the following titles from the eShop:

Pokedex 3D
Let's Golf 3D
Super Mario Land 1 & 2
And more...

You can update your downloaded games by going into settings in the e-Shop, tapping on "Your downloads" and then scrolling through your downloads till you find one saying "update available". For some reason the "Update" option inside the e-Shop doesn't show any of your downloaded games even if they have updates available, so you'll need to search manually by tapping on "Your downloads".


Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Retail / Downloadable)


"When an accident scatters stickers across the land, Mario sets off on an adventure to repair a torn world. Searching Forests, Deserts and Mountains, Mario collects stickers to solve puzzles and battle monsters. In a first for the series, there are no experience points, so finding power-ups to improve Marios abilities is more important than ever. Mixing sticker-based gameplay elements with the traditional action-battle system of the Paper Mario series delivers a new twist on a classic franchise. Flatten-out characters, roll out towns, and walk through living, breathing dioramas in a brand-new Paper Mario adventure on Nintendo 3DS!"



More Pics


(Youtube) August 2012 Nintendo Direct Gameplay Footage
(Youtube) Developer Demo
(Youtube) E3 2012 Trailer
(Youtube) 2011 Nintendo conference trailer

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Retail / Downloadable)


- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gives players multiple mansions to explore, a variety of puzzles to solve and new ghosts to capture
- 3D effect makes the game come off like a living, breathing diorama
- Mansions are wonderfully detailed
- Every mansion is filled with unique puzzle elements and ghosts
- Players must figure out how to defeat each one of them and find hidden clues and keys to unlock new areas

- Shining a light on the ghosts is no longer enough to stun them into immobility
- Players need to activate a new strobe function to stun the ghosts before sucking them up with the Poltergust 5000
- An (A) button icon appears over his head, press (A) with good timing to send out a bolt of lightning
- Simultaneous ghost catching system awards you for stunning and capturing more than one ghost at once
- Multi-capture system supports trapping 3 ghosts at once, but they're trying for more in the final version
- Use 3DS built-in gyroscope to find secrets (tilt the system up to see coins on rafters for example)



More Pics


(Youtube) Comic-Con 2012 GameSpot Stage Demo
(Youtube) 17 Minute Full Demo Footage with Direct Sound
(Youtube) E3 2012 Trailer
(Youtube) 2011 Nintendo conference trailer

Animal Crossing 3DS (Retail / Downloadable)


- You play as the village chief
- A dog secretary now helps you run the town
- The secretary is a new character in the Animal Crossing series
- She'll point out town areas that look good or may need work
- Upgrade/personalize the Village
- Add benches, street lamps, and more to make the villagers happier
- Art styIe now resembles the Animal Crossing Movie
- Choose where you want your house built (No pre-built houses, and no choosing from a pre-made list)
- Design every aspect of your house; even the design of the mailbox and type of color fencing
- Furniture can be taken to a special upholsterer shop to have it recolored and redesigned

- Village has a new design/layout
- Layout of the village is said to be "bigger than ever with many separate sections"
- The Beach is a larger area that you walk down a cliffside path to, rather than just being a patch of sand
- Multiple players can swim and dive into the ocean
- Train station and Animal Island possibly return
- There may also be mini-islands and a cave to explore
- You'll find a Mall past the rail tracks that has tons of shops and model homes
- The model homes are empty, but they'll give you an idea of how you can styIe your own home
- Each time you walk pass someone with StreetPass enabled, their own house will be added to the collection of model homes
- Tom Nook is in charge of the model homes

- More clothing options for your player (Hands, legs and feet can be changed)
- Females can wear pants, males can wear skirts and vice versa
- Water droplets on flowers to show which one you watered and they shine afterwards
- New StreetPass, SpotPass and Online features



More Pics


(Youtube) August 2012 - Japanese Gameplay Footage
(Youtube) June 2012 - Japanese Gameplay Footage
(Youtube) 2011 Nintendo conference trailer
(Youtube) Translated Developer Interview video

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*Reserved for future updates*

Style Savvy: Trendsetters (Retail / Downloadable)


"In the Style Savvy: Trendsetters game, you take on the role of a budding fashion mogul, working your way to the top of the fashion world! Manage your own boutique and help customers find the perfect outfit by keeping up with fashion trends, stocking new clothes for your store, and customizing your shop to reflect your personality.

Choose from over 12,000 clothing items and accessories spanning 19 different brands to put together dream-come-true ensembles for hundreds of customers. Share your creations with friends who have the game through an online* shopping portal, download additional outfits online*, and discover an AR Photo Shoot mode that virtually puts your outfits into the real world!"



More Pics


(Youtube) Japanese Gameplay Overview Trailer
(Youtube) First English Trailer

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask


- Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is a puzzle game presented in the style of an adventure game
- The player controls the actions of a group of protagonists as they move about the city of Montdol
- While moving about town, players encounter several mysteries that are solved as the main plot progresses
- Miracle Mask primarily takes place one year following the events of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, in the fictional city of Montdol
- Parts of the game are flashbacks to eighteen years before the main story, focusing on an archaeological expedition led by Professor Layton and his friend Lando Ascad while at high school

- While investigating the town or interacting with non-player characters, the player will often be presented with a puzzle and asked to solve it
- Completed puzzles can be played again at any time in the puzzle index, a menu available from the title screen
- Players are also capable of connecting to Nintendo Network in order to download additional puzzles
- These puzzles are made available weekly for a year following release
- Seven new puzzles will be available each week; in all, 365 puzzles can be downloaded
- Puzzle packages are downloaded automatically via the Spotpass function of the Nintendo 3DS




(Youtube) Story Trailer
(Youtube) First English Teaser Trailer

Fire Emblem: Awakening

- Unlike previous DS versions, Fire Emblem: Awakening will have 3D models similar to the Wii and GameCube titles
- The game features a new option to perform a team-up attack with a supporting character
- There is a traversable world map, like in Gaiden and The Sacred Stones
- You can enter battles or purchase supplies from locations on the map
- Option to toggle permadeath on and off
- Permadeath means allies lost in battle are lost forever
- Offers CIassic Mode and Casual Mode for the permadeath option
- Three difficulty settings, Normal, Hard and Lunatic

- Over 40 CIasses
- Ability to do a cIass change to a higher cIass once you've reached a certain level
- You can change views and skip forward during battle scenes
- Clea from Fire Emblem Gaiden, Ira from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and Innes from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones will appear as guest characters
- FE: Awakening has a marriage system with lots of possible couple combinations
- You can marry any of your allies, and your My Unit characters too
- This will be one of the first 3DS games to support paid DLC
- New maps and episodes will be offered together as a set
- (Nintendo president) Satoru Iwata assures that the game on its own has the full story
- Supports StreetPass for cooperative and competitive play



More Pics


(Youtube) 2011 Nintendo conference trailer
(Youtube) Japanese Gameplay trailer
(Youtube) Cinematic Trailer
(Youtube) 6 Minute Overview Trailer
(Youtube) Story Trailer with Subtitles
(Youtube) Marth DLC Footage
(Youtube) 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Code of Princess


"Hailed as a spiritual successor to the Saturn cult-classic Guardian Heroes and featuring the art work of Kinu Nishimura, beloved for her character designs in the Street Fighter series, Code of Princess' blend of cooperative and competitive action RPG brawling - up to four players in VS mode, local and online - offers gamers an exciting, unconventional hardcore experience.

AN ACTION RPG AND SIDE-SCROLLING BEAT EM UP COMBINED -- Blending combo-heavy fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat em ups and the character development and growth of an RPG, Code of Princess truly blends genre lines, giving hard-core gamers an all new twist on some of their favorite game types.

COOPERATIVE AND COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER MODES! -- Up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play. Both modes are available locally or online via Nintendo Network.

ALL-STAR DEVELOPMENT TEAM -- With Kinu Nishimura, the character designer from the blockbuster Street Fighter series, and ACE, the composer responsible for the music from the popular Wii RPG Xenoblade, fans have every assurance that Code of Princess is in the hands of some of Japan's best development talents.

Fans who pre-order Code of Princess (at a participating retailer while supplies last) will receive the Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book. It includes acollection of art work from famed designer Kinu Nishimura and music from ACE's stellar soundtrack."




(Youtube) Versus Trailer
(Youtube) Character Showcase Trailer
(Youtube) Gameplay Footage
(Youtube) Announcement Trailer

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


"Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be launching on Nintendo's Wii U console and Nintendo 3DS system across Europe and North America in March 2013.

Players take on the role of a hunter and are sent to explore a settlement within the Monster Hunter universe, completing quests on their journey to seek and slay monsters whilst improving their skills and earning equipment upgrades. With many challenging monsters and over 200 quests the latest edition to the series is set to be the most expansive offering to date.

The touch screen feature of both Wii U and 3DS allows players to quickly access in-game books, weapons, field maps and mini games whilst the high quality graphics of Wii U and 3D visuals of Nintendo 3DS powered by the latest iteration of Capcom's MT Framework deliver a unique and stunning world for players to explore. Taking advantage of the portability of Nintendo 3DS, players can exchange their guild card that contains all their hunter's information with other players via StreetPass.

Players can experience the world of Monster Hunter alone or in four player local play using Nintendo 3DS. Finding nearby hunters to adventure on quests with is now even easier via the local Nintendo 3DS search feature. Wii U players will be able to enjoy the hunt Online with others or with Nintendo 3DS players via a local wireless connection. Gamers that own both a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS can take advantage of the inter compatibility of save data between the two consoles, taking the hunt from the living room wherever they go."




(Youtube) Announcement Video

*Due to unexpected size/character limits, I have expanded thread into a 2nd part*

.Click here to see part 2

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Good work! Much appreciated and well organised!
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I think the best news of this thread is no more winged blue shell in Mario Kart 7.

#5 Posted by BrunoBRS (73266 posts) -
i see the box arts have improved :P
#6 Posted by osan0 (13039 posts) -
is it just me or has icarus recieved a visual upgrade since we last saw it? it looks much better now than in the last trailer i saw.
#7 Posted by glimpus (2306 posts) -

Good work! Much appreciated and well organised!Raiko101

+1. Good stuff.

#8 Posted by tom95b (4997 posts) -

That slide pad extension actually doens't look that bad, it looks quite comfortable to me. It may be a bit big but it looks a bit like a controller.

And all those games make me want a 3DS.

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first of all great job with the thread. the 3ds looks like it will have a great year next year, but i am a little sad for being the village chief in AC it makes it seem that Tortimer isn't in the game and it feel weird having him not in
#10 Posted by Raiko101 (3339 posts) -
The slidepad is growing on me. Even with the AAA battery requirement. It does look quite comfortable.
#11 Posted by El_Zo1212o (6047 posts) -

*reserved for future updates*

Awesome works- coupl'a things, though- The Mario 3d land cover appears to be broken(maybe it's just me), and could you keep an ear to the ground about the new Warriors VS game?
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The 3DS continues to be the platform I'm most excited for in the future.
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Much appreciated thread.

#14 Posted by DarkGamer007 (6033 posts) -

The slidepad is growing on me. Even with the AAA battery requirement. It does look quite comfortable.Raiko101

My only complaint is it doesn't look as asthetically pleasing as it could or should :(

#15 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -

Did they confirm online for MH3G? The new area does look very similar to Tri's online city, but it could be for local wireless only. :?
PLEASE tell me it has online. Why shouldn't it? The 3DS can handle it! Capcom don't disappoint us again! :cry:

#16 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

Nice thread! :)

I was pretty satisfied with this conference, I mainly disliked the slide bar thing

#17 Posted by BrunoBRS (73266 posts) -

Did they confirm online for MH3G? The new area does look very similar to Tri's online city, but it could be for local wireless only. :?
PLEASE tell me it has online. Why shouldn't it? The 3DS can handle it! Capcom don't disappoint us again! :cry:


i thought most MH games had online?

#18 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -


Did they confirm online for MH3G? The new area does look very similar to Tri's online city, but it could be for local wireless only. :?
PLEASE tell me it has online. Why shouldn't it? The 3DS can handle it! Capcom don't disappoint us again! :cry:


i thought most MH games had online?

But apparently the last 2 portable MH games does not. :?

#19 Posted by Raiko101 (3339 posts) -

[QUOTE="Raiko101"]The slidepad is growing on me. Even with the AAA battery requirement. It does look quite comfortable.DarkGamer007

My only complaint is it doesn't look as asthetically pleasing as it could or should :(

No, it doesn't. But if it feels ok, it'll be worth it!
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Nice thread, first of all.

Second, no Monster Hunter 4?!!?!!?? :evil:

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Kid Icarus: Uprising

JP: 2012
NA: Holiday 2011
EU: 2012

*I will soon add the following games to this thread*:

- Ace Combat
- RE Revelations
- MGS Snake Eater 3D
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
- Sonic Generations
- Project Mirai (Miku)
- Tekken 3D Prime Edition
- Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance


Fixed some stuff for ya.

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Hahahahahaha, I love how people are so condescending about Animal Crossing and list "Players can sit on the stumps of cut down trees" as one of the game features...

Don't get me wrong, Animal Crossing is one of my favorite videogame sagas, but the lack of innovation is taken in a light way by the gaming community.

Oh, and very nice thread JollyGreenOne!!

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with that right circle pad addon thing ..its makes the 3DS looks like a Wii Ultra controller :P

#24 Posted by JollyGreenOne (1001 posts) -


Thanks, I'm glad you like my thread. I'd be able to update it a bit faster if auto-linking worked for me. :(

And the thread now has 100% more Monster Hunter 4, but that's still not enough "Monster Hunting For" a REAL MAN! :P


It saddens me greatly to say this, but Kid Icarus: Uprising has been delayed in Japan until 2012 so the chances of it making it here before the end of the year are slim.

And I've dropped some kingly hearts in the dreamy distance of my original post.


Most of the Animal Crossing information is what I remember from the original announcement, and the rest is what I could make out by watching the conference trailer a few times. I'll update the post for it once more info from previews are released (If there are any).

I didn't mean to come off as condescending when I put it there, and I cleared up the bit about choosing where your house is built, adding that from the trailer there seems to be no pre-built housing this time. I also like what they've done with Tom Nook's clothes. (I'm an Animal Crossing fan as well, I also hope they make more changes to the series, and so far it looks like they're at least trying.)

Thread Updated:

Games added: Beyond the Labyrinth, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Monster Hunter 4, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Hands-on Previews added for: Super Mario 3D Land (From GamSpot & Kotaku)

New information for: Kingdom Hearts 3D

#25 Posted by daiyume (324 posts) -

Amazing screenshots, many to be used for 3DS's redemption @ System Wars no doubt. Jolly, GJ!

#26 Posted by Epak_ (7047 posts) -

Awesome thread, awesome games. Don't know about that add-on though, I hope no game requires it.

#27 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

2 things

The boxes for Mario Kart and Super Mario Land are differently colored? Ugh.

TWEWY characters in Kingdom Hearts! YAY! :D

#28 Posted by ChibiXRiku (213 posts) -
Did ot see the slide pad expansion being applicable for KH:3D.......Eh, oh well. Excited for KH:DDD, Fire Emblem 3DS (Regardless of the fact I'll never have anyone to try the Two-player co-op with) It looks extremely polished, and possibly has high replay value. Hoping Paper Mario is like the thousand year door, because the best part of Paper mario were the battles with the different partners....if it's just another regular Mario game I'll probably just skip it :/
#29 Posted by Chico_Azteca (2386 posts) -
Guess who
#30 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
Nice, Very organized. Anyway, if we go by Ninty's twitter, they said it will have new streetpass content.
#31 Posted by SuperFlakeman (7411 posts) -

Is there a video somewhere of the entire conference?

#32 Posted by ChibiXRiku (213 posts) -
[QUOTE="Chico_Azteca"]Guess who

wow, Neku looks so different as a KH Model, and I like the incorporated hand timers. Wonder if we'll see Shiki.....
#33 Posted by BrunoBRS (73266 posts) -

Guess who  Chico_Azteca
sora and sora 2? :o

#34 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
Here is some 3G gameplay if you don't already have it. http://file.4gamer.net/2011d/20110915_MH3G_play_01.mp4
#35 Posted by logicalfrank (1641 posts) -

Oh man... Looking good. I am a bit dissapointed by the graphics in the screenshots for Super Mario Land 3D but Mario Kart 7 and Luigi's Mansion look great so go figure. I had not heard of this Bravely Default business until now but it looks incredible. I am definitely going to follow that one.

#36 Posted by GamerEye (1607 posts) -

first of all great job with the thread. the 3ds looks like it will have a great year next year, but i am a little sad for being the village chief in AC it makes it seem that Tortimer isn't in the game and it feel weird having him not inelbert_b_23

Well...you can't expect him to live forever I guess :|

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Thread Updated!

Added games: Sonic generations, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

Added 3D Screenshots to: Super Mario 3D Land, Bravely Default

Added More Screenshots to: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Added Impressions to: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Slide Pad Expansion

Added Details to: Super Mario 3D Land, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Added more videos for: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Monster Hunter Tri G

*Remember, don't be afraid to comment about any of these games, announcements, impressions, screens and videos*

I'd be more than happy to add more information to any of these games if you know about something I overlooked, also feel free to point out broken images and links and I'll try to fix them if possible.

I'll be updating this thread with more games, impressions and videos throughout TGS 2011, so make sure you check back every now and again. Again, If I missed anything don't be afraid to contribute (news, announcements, videos, etc.) below and I'll add them up here. Express how you feel about any of these awesome games and announcements!

#38 Posted by Kirbside (314 posts) -

TGS hardware & games I am interested in.

Slide Pad Expansion: I personally think it looks fine, as I've stated I am more interested in whether I can reach all the buttons, that is of course you need them all the buttons at all. Plus it is an option so I will likely buy it.

Mario Kart 7: I enjoyed the very first Mario Kart, I think that was SNES or 64, it is late and I don't want to check. The newer karts added Drifting I am not really good at it, but I would really like to get back into Mario Kart because it was enjoyable.

Kid Icarus: Uprising: This one really intrigues me. Graphics are amazing, the actions looks flawlesslike, and as for story well I won't know that till I beat it I guess :P. I've noticed in a gameplay trailer that one of the baddies are Metroids, and I was wondering what other nintendo goons will show up:question::question::question: The limited flying part is what I am not sure of, but I will still get it

LoZ: Four Swords: Was already planning on getting it when I heard I was getting it for free so yeah. Though no online, singleplayer and new levels are what intrigued me. I could not play it before since it was multiplayer only.

Monster Hunter 3G/4: Well both look amazing and complicated, but I am still intrigued enough that if either do comes stateside I would likely pick up MH3G first for a better idea of the game and whether I could play this type, and then buy MH4 or not.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: I like the how the game looks and plays out, even the songs were great to listen too, and mind you I've onoly partly played FF games, being a RPG then can get confusing and complicated.

Beyond the Labyrinth: Looks amazing and fun. I am glad to hear that the player IS the main character with the 3D the gamer should feel even more imersed into the game. So four characters/members, that means as long as your one of the four, means there are 2 possible 3 more characters we have not seen yet.

Well that is all from what is posted so far, as you post more I will let you know my interests.

#39 Posted by benleslie5 (7999 posts) -

This is the new looks for Sora and Riku for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop

#40 Posted by BrunoBRS (73266 posts) -
^ what the hell is that dog rat unicorn puffball zombie alien thing next to sora?
#41 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
http://gigazine.net/news/20110915_mh3g_play_tgs_2011/ A bunch of gameplay for MH3G. Rabbitbear and some others appear. I also notice no frame rate drops, nice.
#42 Posted by GamerEye (1607 posts) -

Alot of the games are becoming more interesting to me than I thought they would be.

#43 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -

http://gigazine.net/news/20110915_mh3g_play_tgs_2011/ A bunch of gameplay for MH3G. Rabbitbear and some others appear. I also notice no frame rate drops, nice.ShuichiChamp24

Looks like Forugi and Urukususu are comfirmed. I won't be surprised to see most MHP3 monsters in 3G. I'm excited! :D


#44 Posted by Kirbside (314 posts) -


On my fuse updates Spiderman Edge of Time. If this is not from TGS I will delete this but it is still great news.

#45 Posted by bbkkristian (14967 posts) -
"- Characters from The World Ends with You Will appear in the game" :shock: Must have... NOW!!! :D
#46 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
Nice thread, I'll temporarily sticky it :)
#47 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
http://www.youtube.com/user/CapcomChannel#p/u/0/hWgCttxclIY This is a "everything you can do in 3G"'video. I suggest skipping to 16 min where they start playing the game. Sorry I've only given you MH for now.
#48 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
Beyond the labyrinth information. http://www.1up.com/previews/tgs-labyrinth-beautiful-puts-crawl Grid base movement Combat plays out in real time Have to protect the girl during battles
#49 Posted by JollyGreenOne (1001 posts) -

~Thread Updated!~

Added Games: Tales of the Abyss

Added Impressions to: Bravely Default: FF, Beyond the Labyrinth, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Monster Hunter 3G, Rhythm Thief, Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition

Added more details to: Beyond the Labyrinth

Added more videos to: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Monster Hunter 3

*Feel free to comment about any of the games, announcements, impressions, screens and videos that you've seen in the thread*

I'd be more than happy to add more information to any of these games if you know about something I overlooked, also feel free to point out broken images and links and I'll try to fix them if possible.

I'll be updating this thread with more games, impressions and videos throughout TGS 2011, so make sure you check back every now and again. Again, If I missed anything don't be afraid to contribute (news, announcements, videos, etc.) below and I'll add them up here. Express how you feel about any of these awesome games and announcements!


I'd like to add that game, but I'm not sure it's a part of TGS and there hasn't been much information released about it (on 3DS). :(


Thanks for all the videos and links, you've been a big help.:)


I'm glad you like my thread, and thank you for temporarily making it sticky thread. :D

#50 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -

The way you can customize the touchscreen in MH3G is brilliant.