The best football manager series out of all the other.

User Rating: 9.5 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Football manager 2007 adds fun gameplay and realistic managerial situations to bring your team to the top of the tree and rule the world in football. Firstly the game has a massive engine when it comes to players and you can have all the players you wish to use on your managerial experience. The trinaing section is realistic you can hire your own staff and workers you can handle the finances and the game has a detailed finance section with a board room where you can get the opinion of your board and the fans. You can also have interaction with the players and comment on there performaces and rate them as players. All of the teams are present in the game and you can manage any league you wish in the world. The game is enjoyable and has too many features to mention or id be hear writing about this game forever. Overall highly recommended as a manager game.