A great game, loads of fun to play very easy to get into and the GUI is awesome. Fantastic!

User Rating: 8.7 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
OK, lets go step by step.

It's perfect, hands down. There's very little more they can add. Apart from the fantasticly easy-to-use GUI that makes the entire game great to play, you've got all of the little things they add in from riots on the pitch from rivals to official warnings from the FA for saying that a goal was offside. It's really great fun and easy to play.

The GUI, as I have said before, is brilliant. There are (I think) 3 skins to use, each one a little bit different, but it can really change the style of your game. In the matches you have the regular CM-style matches (view from above where everyone is a circle). However tacky it may sound, it's a really good experience and the whole setup is really well down.

There is none. That's right, NO SOUND. The only time you'll hear anything from the game is the music of the crowd during a match. Otherwise there's nothing - no music, no SFX on button presses. Nowt.

Lets face it, you can only play a manager game for a few months before it gets boring for EVER. This is different - there's always something new for every day you play, and instead of AGES loading theres just a small pause. You really can last for years playing this fantastic game.

Not only this but there's multiplayer - not just on one computer, but you can play over a network. Fab!!

Overall it's a brilliant achievement, buy it now!!!