Prepare to Lose your Social Life... again

User Rating: 9 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
I can confidently say that I love and hate this game. Love, because I am so engrossed it in that my life just becomes that of a dwindling zombie with a keyboard and mouse. I hate it, because for the next 3 months I've just said goodbye to my social life.

From the instant you start playing the game you realize how in depth it really is. The new features like additional team talks give you a much more control over what you say to your players. Secondly, the increased level of media interaction provides the sim with a new lease of life. Lets start from the top. The fundamentals of this game are the same. The interface is still very accessible, and I think that even FM Virgins could come to terms with it quite quickly. The replay system, in matches is very similar to FM06, but it provides a purpose. The ability to comment on poor refereeing decisions is also novel. The fact that you can opt for the infamous. "I didn't see it" excuse is golden.

The introduction of Feeder clubs is also interesting. As it enables you to send players who wouldn't be considered for First Team football at your club and make sure they are playing competitvely. Its a novel approach and its another step in the right direction for the series. I also like the new graphics, with the integration of badges in the league tables. Yes, its slightly infuriating that none of the Premiership Teams are licensed, but I'm sure somebody will get to work on a graphics pack for too long.

For anybody who has never played an FM before, this is the chance to get immersed in a series that will literally take over your social life. For those who have, it won't be long before you invest in a copy. I would highly recommend this game to anybody!