Explore a wild house to learn about a family curse.

User Rating: 9 | What Remains of Edith Finch PS4

Although I've always enjoy first-person story-driven games they continue to surprise me. What Remains of Edith Finch was everything I'd hope it be and more. The pacing was excellent, the exploration was exciting, and the characters were memorable. Wondering around the Finch house and learning about all the members of the large Finch family was a treat. Every character offered a different experience which really kept the game feeling fresh. If I had to pick one of these kinds of games to try and convert a skeptic this would be the one.

You play as Edith, a young girl on a trip back to the house she grew up in. Her mom has given her a key that will allow her access parts of the house she never could as a kid. The house is laid out like a labyrinth, you'll be weaving in and out trying to make your way through. As you explore new rooms you'll find items that trigger flashbacks specific to each family member. Every flashback plays like its own mini-game. One has you flipping through an animated comic book. while another has you behind the lens of a camera getting ready to take different pictures. They all give you a glimpse into their individuals lives before Edith adds them to her family tree within her journal.

The Finch's have quite a wild history. For starters you can just look at their house to see just how eccentric they are. Its a massive building that has been through a lot of expansion. There are handful of extensions that appear to have been built quite haphazardly. Almost all of the rooms were sealed off by your mother in her paranoia that you would get caught up learning about the family curse. After seeing many of the flashbacks you start to see why the family curse is such an important aspect of the Finch's family legacy.

Being story driven its hard to say much without spoiling the game. All the well written dialog and excellent voice acting really help with the immersion. Its quite exciting in particular to see Edith's story unfold. The pacing is excellent, explore the house a little and jump right back into another flashback. Unlike many other "walking simulators" What Remains of Edith Finch really tries, and succeeds, in mixing up the gameplay and keeping the player involved. Its exciting going into each room and wondering what kind experience you're going to have. People often say these kind of games aren't for everyone but this feels like something many gamers could enjoy.