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  • bumblebug wrote a review of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two: The Telltale Series.
    User Rating 6
    More of the same, for better or for worse.

    Minecraft is a perfect blank canvas for anyone who wants to spin a narrative. In season two of Story mode we find that all the characters from the first game have all gone their separate ways, at lea...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Portal 2.
    User Rating 9
    Expands on the original Portal in every aspect.

    If the first Portal was a preview of what could be done with a 3D puzzle game then Portal 2 is the is main course. Portal 2 expands upon both the gameplay and writing of the first game to offer a eve...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Strider.
    User Rating 7
    Frantic Metroidvania with Epic Boss Fights

    Strider is a great reminded as to why Metroidvania style games will never go out of style. The fact is it is extremely rewarding not only to continuously unlock new abilities but to be able to utiliz...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Portal.
    User Rating 9
    A finely-tuned puzzle game with a sense of humor.

    Portal is known for setting the standard for modern 3D puzzle games. The gameplay revolves around the ability to shoot out portals which can be traversed in both directions. It is a simple concept ye...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Trials Fusion.
    User Rating 7
    New theme, much the same game.

    The Trails games don't stray far from their core formula, thankfully after three games Trails still remains entertaining. Set in the future the world of Trails Fusion offers a much more technological...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Night in the Woods.
    User Rating 8
    A beautifully stylized coming-of-age-story.

    In may ways Night in the Woods embodies everything going right with the emerging indie-game scene. The clean cut art is very stylized and consistent throughout. Instead of humans the game uses animal...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Lara Croft GO.
    User Rating 10
    A well polished, cleverly designed, treat for puzzle fans.

    The Tomb Raider series has always featured puzzles in one form or another. It then seems perfectly natural to star Lara Croft in her own puzzle game. It turns out that this is a choice universe to ho...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Sine Mora EX.
    User Rating 6
    Solid shoot'em with an overly complicated plot.

    Although Sine Mora feels like a classic shoot'em up there is definitely a modern touch. The gameplay may just use two dimensions but the 3D visuals really add to the immersion. A key feature you would...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Knack.
    User Rating 7
    This quality beat'em-up is a great way to unwind.

    Everyone loves to smash things, at least that is what Japan Studios assumed when making Knack. This is a classic beat-em up that was designed to showcase the fidelity and physics possible with the Pl...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Dark Souls III.
    User Rating 10
    Superb exploration and a finely balanced difficulty curve makes DS3 a series highlight.

    What amazes me most about the Souls' games is how they are equally complex yet simple at the same time. Your goal is to simply fight from one bond fire to the next until you reach a boss fight. Yet t...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.
    User Rating 7
    These challenging platformers look better than ever.

    Crash Bandicoot is a great example of an experience that could not be properly captured in anything but a videogame. The focus is clearly on gameplay. Sure there is a story with a simple plots and a ...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Firewatch.
    User Rating 9
    Explore beautiful landscapes while investigating strange happenings.

    It is with good reason that Firewatch has become known as a staple among the emerging genre of walking-simulators. After playing many great games in this genre I can easily say that this one is defin...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of 10 Second Ninja X.
    User Rating 8
    Clever puzzles disguised as an intense action game.

    This is why I still play random games on a whim. A while back I received a copy of 10 Second Ninja X as a PlayStation Plus subscriber. It just sat in my library, until today that is. There aren't tha...

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  • bumblebug wrote a review of Undertale.
    User Rating 8
    A wholly unique, decision-driven, rpg.

    At first glace Undertale looks like a simple throwback to classic top-down role-playing games. Yet, as you make your way through this world the game will challenge every preconceived notion of a trad...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Hollow Knight.
    User Rating 9
    Impressively lengthy metroidvania with a gradual challenge.

    As a fan of side-scrollers I can definitely say I've played my far share of metroidvanias. Hollow Knight makes a clearly unique mark for itself in this genre filled with classics. Two of the things t...

  • bumblebug wrote a review of Everybody's Golf.
    User Rating 10
    The golf game that "Everyone" needs to play.

    Among traditional sports golf really seems like a natural fit for videogames. For one thing it is "turn-based", this fact alone makes it much more accessible for players of all ages and skill levels....

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