Story telling at it's finest

User Rating: 9 | What Remains of Edith Finch PS4

How many of the Finch family have died tragically over the years? The answer is.. ALOT. Is the family cursed? Will you find the answers? You explore your house and area surrounding it behind the eyes of a young Finch Woman. She goes through each of the rooms of the house while stylish words come up on the screen telling some of the story. Constant narration from your character speaking out loud or finding clues to the mystery hidden in the house keep you wanting more and more. It's atmospheric, it's dark, it's engaging. Each time you enter another person's room you discover a little about them and before you know it, you are playing as that character up until the point of inevitable death. To see how each family member died and play as that person before it happened is where this game truly shines. Each character is totally different from one another. Each time you go into their perspective you feel like you're completely out of the house and playing a different game. The graphics are realistic mixed with a beautiful art. I love how they pieced this game together to keep the player playing and the storyline moving forward. Some of the characters truly had unique gameplay elements in their aspect of the story. Very fun, very interesting. A compelling story collides with a videogame.