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Becoming A Legend: Tracking The Rise Of One Of League Of Legends' Most Dominant Leaders

(Produced In Partnership With League of Legends) In this series we Chronicle the most interesting stories in gaming. In this episode we chart Aphromoo's rise to becoming one of the biggest faces in esports.

With competitive gaming continuing to grow in popularity, the esports scene in League of Legends has seen a rise of great players, leaders, and personalities. Among the most notable that League has seen is Zaqueri Black--better known as Aphromoo--a Support player for North American team 100 Thieves.

GameSpot Chronicle is our new series looking at the most interesting stories in gaming. In Episode 1, we dive into the story of Aphromoo, who has gone from streamer to one of the biggest-name players in the world of League of Legends. While there's no definitive way to say who is truly No. 1, he's regarded as being among the best Support players in the game's storied history--which is really saying something.

In Episode 1, we speak with Aphromoo himself, who talks us through his humble beginnings and the moment when he realized he was a great competitor. Having learned the ropes as Doublelift's support at CLG to being a star in his own right for 100 Thieves, Aphromoo has grown over the years, establishing himself as one of the top playmakers in the game.

You can watch the episode in full above. Episode 2 will explore the scientific side of competing at the professional level in games like League of Legends. We'll talk with pros and analysts to find out what’s happening in the minds of the greats and what else separates the best from the rest.

This past weekend was a big one for the game, as the North America League of Legends Champions Series--the NA LCS--hosted its Finals. In the third place matchup, Aphromoo's 100 Thieves fell to TSM, 3-2. And in a finals matchup, Liquid took down Cloud9 3-0, meaning Liquid is guaranteed a spot at the World Championship later this year.

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GameSpot Chronicle

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The series where we’re telling the stories of people who continue to make League the phenomenon it is today.