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Why Some In The NBA Are Betting Big On Competitive Gaming

(Presented by League of Legends) The growth of competitive gaming has individuals from traditional sports, including the NBA, looking to get in on its big future.

The growing popularity of competitive gaming has led to an increase in outside investment, as groups and individuals from even traditional sports (like the NBA) are hoping to get in on its promising future. The latest episode of GameSpot Chronicle, which you can watch above, explores this growing trend, as we speak with individuals like Rick Fox (the former Los Angeles Laker and current owner of esports team Echo Fox) and Kirk Lacob (assistant general manger of the Golden State Warriors) about the potential they see in esports.

"Esports is 24/7, 365 days," Fox says in the video. "And we're building an industry and building on an industry foundation that's been laid long before I showed up. But what I'm hoping to do is add value to this community of esports by delivering on the same passion, the same energy--and there are no off-days."

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