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User Rating: 8 | TV Show King WII
At first glance, TV Show King really catches the eye. And why not, at only ten dollars for 3,000 questions, interactive Mii's, and the feeling of a real game show, it's a steal.
TV show king has four channels you can go to. Channel four is options. Where you can see credits, and set sound loudness. Channel three is records, where you can see the top scorers in regular games, and in quiz attack games. Channel three is quiz attack, where you keep answering questions until you get one wrong. Channel one is by far the biggest and best channel in the game- the Play channel. Click here, and you'll go to a selection screen where you can select how many players, and the Mii's that will be used. Then you select either 3, 6, or 9 rounds, and it's difficulty. Once you click ok, you're taken into the game. The game starts with questions, after one round of questions you have an option of spinning a high-risk-high-reward wheel. If you choose to spin the wheel, you'll wait until the next round. However, if you choose to spin the wheel anything can happen. You might gain money, loose money, trade money, give money, take money. Or, on one section on the wheel, you could loose all your money, a very unfair section- especially if you hit it right after the last round.
The Goods- TV Show King makes it seem like a real game show with it's catchy music, a host, a DJ, a lady who shows special events, and a crowd.
Great for parties, with it's fun mood and up to four players.
3,000 questions means that it'll take a while to get repeats.
Scratch-off and light quizzes add to what would be just regular trivia.
You can always change your answer, but the person who answers the correct answer first, gets the most money.
The wheel (though a bit unfair(see below)) adds something other then just trivia to the game.
The Bad- The wheel can be fun, but sometimes it can be a bit to unfair, it should have been made less of a game changer.
Quiz attack has no special features at all, and is pretty boring.

Overall, for $10, this game packs quite a lot of game into it. While lacking some graphics, it's a game where graphics don't matter anyways.

The bottom line- This game is just plain fun. I highly recommend buying it!