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TV Show King Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 12 Bronze Trophies and 2 Silver Trophies.

    Trophy Trophy
    Play a 9-round quiz and get every question right.
    Play your first 3-round Classic Quiz. Baby Steps (Bronze)
    On 3 separate occasions, lure other players onto a wrong answer, then switch to the correct answer with less than 3 seconds left on the clock. Bait and Switch (Bronze)
    Losing 0-4, correctly answer 5 questions consecutively to win the "Face Off" round. Comeback of the Century (Bronze)
    Correctly answer 10 "Scratch Quiz" questions in one game of Classic Quiz Dust Eraser (Bronze)
    Create 4 contestants and play a quiz game with each one. Entourage (Bronze)
    Correctly answer 10 "Light Quiz" questions in one game of Classic Quiz. Explorer (Bronze)
    Finish the quiz with no money after having earned some. Fall from Grace (Bronze)
    Win a round of "Face Off" 5-0. High Five (Bronze)
    Win 15 online multiplayer games. Multiversed (Bronze)
    Win 5 Last One Standing games. Omega Man (Bronze)
    Steal over $25,000 from other players. Penny Pincher (Bronze)
    During the last 5 seconds of a question, switch your answer to the answer that all the other contestants have selected if that answer is correct. Public Scrutiny (Bronze)
    Correctly answer 5 regular questions as soon as the answers appear. Reflexology (Bronze)
    Go online and play 2 games. Socialite (Bronze)
    Correctly answer 6 "Quiz Attack" questions in a row. Solitary Refinement (Bronze)
    Make the wheel complete 8 rotations before it stops. Spin Doctor (Bronze)
    Play 30 or more hours of TV Show King. Time Machine (Silver)
    Go from being bankrupt at the wheel to winning the game. Tour de Force (Bronze)

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold, eli314