Great Family Wiiware Game!

User Rating: 8 | TV Show King WII
This is a great game. I downloaded it for my wife since she doesn't like playing games too much. I played this with my 8 year old daughter and she loved it. She will often wait and pick the same answers I do if she doesn't know the right one and gets really excited about the whole game even though the player to pick the correct answer first gets the most points. There are 3 different difficulty settings for play and you can have 1 - 4 players, but 4 players are always in the game until the final round then it is just the top two. The players are brought down from the audience at the beginning of each game which is kind of neat. Just because you know all the answers does not mean you will win. At the end of each round you can spin a wheel and you may lose money or win money or have to exchange your money with another player. My daughter actually won because of the wheel and my unfortunate spins. This is really a great family game as compared to the other Wiiware games that have come out this week and you get to use your own Miis in the game which makes it all the better.