A good game when with friends or family to play with. The dumb CPU can ruin the single-player mode with no challenge.

User Rating: 7 | TV Show King WII
TV Show King is a great multiplayer game. However there are some instances were the game suffers. The offers over 3000 question, variations of answering such as scratching answers, and of couse a wheel.

This is a basic quiz game. It is pretty much like any real quiz show. It even has a wheel. The best part of the game is the multiplayer it will be fun frantically thinking and trying to get the right answer first. The first one who gets the right answer gets more points. Say if you had the answer second, you got less points than the other player. One of the mai problems is that the computer is really dumb. For crying out louds, there are no polar bears in Africa! The computer can have the most stupid answers ever.

There are twists to add varitey to the game. Like when you have to use a flash light or scratch to find what a box says to answer. The problem is that it is more based on luck on which one you chose to scratch first and not your smartness. There is also a wheel. Of course, there has to be some sort of wheel in a quiz game. The problem with that is though, that can ruin a person even if they got everything right and make someone win even with no correct answers. It more luck based than anything.

The graphics are nice and colorful. The Mii's are nicely animated with emotions. The music nicly goes with the game well of the theme of a quiz show.

Overall, this is a good multiplayer experience. I can't realy reccomend it if you have no people to play it with. The CPU can me very stupid so that can make the game not very challenging at times. Also, it can be annoying just because you can lose with one dreadful spin of the wheel or you didn't scratch the right answer box first. This can make it seem sort of unfair. I do reccomend it to anyone who has friends or family to play with though.