I hate the Wheel!

User Rating: 7 | TV Show King WII
Why did they add the Wheel? It just randomizes everything. I've lost lots of games despite never missing a question. You should be able to, at the very least, be able to disable the wheel, or make it less unbalancing and overpowering. I played against some friends and the first thing they complained was also the Wheel. So Apparently 3/3 people have the Wheel too. I hope the publisher can release a patch to help fix it.

It would be nice to have more modes, or accomplishments and be able to select categories (like excluding Entertainment).

Another nice feature would be the ability to download new questions, so the game is kept fresh.

Still a fun game, lots of questions (so far no repeats), misspellings here in there (Brazil vs Brasil comes to mind). It's worth 5 bucks in my opinion.