Wow this is the best tennis game ive ever played! Its great for Tennis Fans! Like me! =)

User Rating: 8 | Top Spin XBOX
Topspin is a fun tennis game. U got 3 different modes. U got Exhibiton which is just a play now match, a quick match. U got Custom Tournament, which is where u can make ur own tournament with ur own rules and everything. And then u got my favorite, Career mode! Thats where u can make ur own player and buy equipment and kool outfits! Its pretty sweet. If ur not a tennis fan then TopSpin isnt for u. But i like this game very much. Anyways, in career mode u can travel the world going to different areans and earning money for more equipment. U can even get sponsored and get their stuff!!! And u can even change the color of ur clothing and equipment.

Well there really isnt much else to say except i like Topspin. Its a fun game. I play it every once in a while. And i give it an 8 out of 10!!!