Couldn't have asked for a better pack-in with my xbox (before you ask "what about halo", i dont like halo.)

User Rating: 8.3 | Top Spin XBOX
i got thi and ncaa 2005 as a pack-in when i got my xbox. and i was surprised how good it was. now im not a diehard, or even casuual tennis fan, ( i can name like 1 player, but he retired,) but this is really fun and addictive. and if it didnt come with the xbox i probbably would have over loooked this gem.

the game plays very well. you can control how much power you put on it and what kind of hit you do. during the season season you compete in tournaments all over the world, work with trainers to improve your skills, and get a lot of sponsors so that you can make money to buy stuff for your character.

overall i think that topspin is a very good game. it plays well and season works well. i reccomend it to tennis fans and people who are looking for a good sports game. if only xsn sports was still in business.