A fantastic tennis game and worthy of a place in anyones collection.

User Rating: 9.4 | Top Spin XBOX
I have never been a real fan of tennis but I thought I would give this game a try as it was in the bargain bin of my local store. I loaded it up and was at first impressed with the quality of the graphics.

The animation and general quality is very good and a lot of time has been put into making this game look as realistis as possible. But of course we all know that a nice look does not a great game make!

So I decided to start on the tour and jumped straight into some training. What can I say, this game plays fantastically well. The speed you run around the court, the variety of strokes you can play, everything is just right.

I carried on with the training (there are loads of different little games to play that improve your skills and earn you cash and items) and then eventually progressed onto a championship. I managed to just about win that (it really was good fun as well) and using the money I won, bought some new gear.

All in all, this is a great game and one that everybody should try, at least once. You really will not be disappointed.