Did NOT accomplish what previous Lego games did.

User Rating: 6 | The LEGO Movie Videogame PS4

Most previous Lego games are mirroring movies to create a familiar storyline. The movies that are being mirrored are NOT Lego movies. I was a die-hard Lego fan as a child and the movie made me laugh in so many different directions. When the game was released, I immediately picked it up.

It was the first game to seriously put me to sleep.

It felt as if I was watching the movie at a VERY, VERY slow pace. The humor is dulled down, and the game throws the player too many options. Lego Star Wars or LOTR was constantly interesting. I think this game made me so upset because it was a Lego Game about a Lego movie. Plain and simple--TOO.MUCH.LEGO.