A fairly enjoyable game that fails to deliver the same experience as other prevous Lego titles.

User Rating: 6 | The LEGO Movie Videogame PS4

Lego: The Movie Videogame is a title dedicated to the story and characters behind the latest Lego movie. Sure it manages to capture the same vibe and feel of the movie and that is all fine and well, but what Lego Movie lacks is its biggest downfall. Considerably downgraded as far as in game content goes is the major factor.

The game focuses on the same ol Lego build it concept veteran players will be familiar with all too well. You play as Emmet or Wildstyle for most of the game with the option sometimes to even switch to other key characters such as UnKitty, Batman and several other unlockable characters that become available as you progress through the story. The content here isn't necessarily low, but compared to other previously released superior Lego games, the drop in content such as selectable home worlds and characters and missions is significantly noticeable. The diehard Lego fan will love this experience, and some average fans may as well. But, if you are accustomed to this being a replica to Lego: Marvel Superheroes or Lego: Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, then you will most likely be a tad disappointed with what Lego Movie brings to the table.

The plot of game revolves around an evil villain they call Lord Business. He is plotting a scheme to take over the Lego World as we know it. At the start of the game, you will control Emmet, a construction worker who appears to be your average joe. Until the day he discovers Wildstyle and his unique ability to "build it & fix it skillset". Apparently, Emmet is a Master Builder, and these are rare in the Lego Universe. Not long after joining forces with a mysterious ninja who has her own unique abilities, they discover the nemesis Lord Business and make it their goal to thwart his plans. You will also be accompanied by many more likeable characters. The missions you will undertake are thought provoking and for the most part enjoyable. Kids can enjoy them as well, the difficulty is quite forgiving.

The graphics are smooth and fresh and the environments you encounter move and react to players movements and actions well. The scene on the train in the Old West is especially memorable and captivating. Lego: The Movie does a good job of keeping up to todays standards as far as imagery goes.

The controls are sometimes a little aggravating such as swapping out characters with Triangle can sometimes cause a disaster. Instead of performing correctly, it sometimes will freeze up, not allowing player to move and etc. Multiplayers on screen at once can truly make you very pissed very quick. Also, the gameplay can become quite redundant, once you get to a certain point, there really wont be anymore fresh and unique concepts. Ok, break that up, build it, let Emmet Drill & Wildstyle jump, etc. While there are times Lego Movie shines, its fun factor is simplified and hindered due to the repetitive gameplay and lack of original ideas. Once again, there have been way better and more original Lego titles in the past.

For those of you who want a lot of content, then you should probably try Lego marvel or Lego Batman first. While there are Studs to collect and many hidden and unlockable objects scattered throughout the worlds of Lego Movie, the difference in content is too huge not to notice. I was a little let down after discovering this but then again I guess my expectations were too high because of previously playing the aforementioned first. Don't get me wrong, there is enough here to keep players busy for a few weeks give or take, but don't go expecting as much as before. The main story will take players on average around 20 hours to complete, depending on your rate of progression.

On an ending note, this game offers an ok plot, with some interesting characters who all "click" fairly well. Kids should have no problem playing the story and fans of previous entries will probably find some positive qualities Lego Movie brings forth. But, for the few players who just want tons of stuff to do and 60 hours plus worth of hidden content, then you may wanna try Lego Avengers. An average game with a repetitive concept.