Too much going on and no direction

User Rating: 4 | The LEGO Movie Videogame PS4

I bought this title along with Lego The Hobbit for my son for his birthday. My son thoroughly enjoys it which I gave the game a higher score than I would have for it. Only because my child's ability to enjoy a game is important since I got it for him. Despite that fact I did not enjoy the game much at all. It just seemed way too industrial and from the beginning I was plagued with constant CGI interrupts which I can't stand! I enjoy some good CGI but when I buy a game, I want to play a game not be part of an interactive movie. I just felt like this game was over done. I felt like there was no diretion from the game as to what I was doing at all.

Previous Lego titles included iconic characters from iconic worlds such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc this game I just didn't associate with the characters at all. I got too bored and annoyed by CGI to continue playing.