this game is GOD

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
i never played a game so good in all my live this game smash all others with it marvelous gameplay real live graphics and you can finally CLEAN a entire city!!! imagine!!! you cleaning all the dirty in the cities there is NOTHING more fun and addictive you can clean dead dogs,rest of food and ALL the crap people toss away and the graphics are incredible you think it is REAL LIVE!! this game is so good that you will think god made it it is perfect in every form. music,gameplay,story,graphics, this game is a "must buy" it will change your live for ever trust me you can do everything on this game you can even clean motels!! and discover how good it is!!! later in game you will unlock new powers like "clean the sewer" or collect "the dead cat" words cant describe the awesomeness of this game!!! you must play it!!! total review 10!!!