This game saved my life!

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
I've got to admit, at first I was skeptical. After all, how could any video game capture the magic of street cleaning? While it's true that it's far from accomplishing this lofty goal, Excalibur Publishing Limited managed to create the best video game of all time in the attempt.

To understand my feelings on the game, I feel that it's important to understand something about me, and that thing is that It's always been my life long dream to be a street cleaner. I never ended up applying because I didn't have the grades, but still, the thought of myself driving that truck with nothing but a pocket full of dreams and clean streets has tormented me every night for years. I was very close to ending it all, in fact--that is, until I found this gem.

Of course, that's not to say that only wannabe street cleaners can enjoy Street Cleaning Simulator. The game has something for everyone, from luscious and varied environments, brilliant physics, and most importantly, gripping and addictive gameplay.

Naturally one of the central activities here is going to be driving your truck. The controls feel great--It's almost like I'm really driving a street sweeper! If the street sweeper was controlled by a key board... As I said before, it didn't quite manage to simulate street cleaning, but we have to see this for what it is: the greatest game of all time.