Once you get used to the new controls, you've got yourself a brilliant game for the PSP!

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
Ive never really been a huge fan of Star Wars, but i've always loved the Clone Wars. When i played Star Wars: Battlefront for the Xbox, i was amazed and was addicted. Then soon after, they made Battlefront II which was also a very decent game. Then came the new PSP version, Renegade Squadron. Do not think for a second that its a bad attempt of a port because this game is a great addition to the Battlefront series!

If you've played the previous battlefront series, expect more of the same from this game, but with a few improvements here and there. The main improvement is the Online play. Battlefront Renagade Squadron now supports up to 16 players online and up to 8 via Ad-Hoc. Also, to fill up the empty spaces, a few bots are placed in the game. The online is great if your looking for something challenging, however, it doesnt support voice chat or even text messaging as seen in Medal Of Honor Heroes. Ad-Hoc is just like usual too, grab a few friends and play a few games, simple.

Another feature is the customisation. Forget choosing classes and such, Renegade Squadron throws that in the trash and gives you something better. You can customise your characters appearance, whether you want to be a Wookie on the Rebelions side, or a Super Battle Droid on the CIS side, you can customise the head, body and even colors. But it gets better, you can then choose your weapon, powerups, health, etc to use on the battlefield. You might even find yourself there for hours testing out all the weapons that suit you.

Renegade Squadron is the best Battlefront game to date, so if you own a PSP and you're wanting some Clone Wars action, I recommend this as a purchase.