New Campain mode, Customization mode, and extreme Online mode is all I need to say to tell you this game is really fun!!

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron is a third-person shooter like the other battlefront games but includes a lot of customization and online to give you many ways to play the game. The all new credit system is a really nice way for you to customize your fighting style. And there actually is a campain mode this time! The campain mode is short but really fun. There are a lot of new features like maps,ships,heroes, and more. The online is truly the best part of the game as you can play with up to 15 others online and 8 people in Ad Hoc. The only bad ting about online is that there is no chat or mic online so you have no idea what your teammates are gonna do. Also I'm not gonna lie, the jedis kinda suck because you cant even tell if you hurting your foe when you go up to attack them but the force powers are really cool so that kinda makes it up then. If you like to fight in extreme online battles then you must get this game, if you cant then you still got campain, instant action, and galatic conquest to play with. The customization in this is mad HOT! You can customize your soldier from each of the four armies in this game, you can change what part of clothes you want, its color, and your symbol so people know who you are online. Bottom line is that this game is a must get game for star wars or third person shooter fans on the go. If your a online kind of guy you likes a little extreme action, then this game is pratically made for you so get the game and I'll see you online.