BF2 got bad reviews cause it was no fun. This game fixes each flaw plus adds a lot more. Best PSP game EVE

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
Star Wars Battlefront has always been my favorite Star Wars series. I own the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront 2. I own the PS2 version of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both are amazing so when I got my Playstation Portable about 6 months ago I quickly bought the Star Wars Battlefront 2 for my new adorable system. That game was not at all good. When I heard about the new Star Wars Battlefront for the PSP I thought oh here we go again, but I found out it is exclusively for the Playstation Portable then I though Hmm lucas arts are trying to come back huh. So when I got it I quickly played an instant action game at Boz Pity. I looked around while the computer people were killing each other and noticed that they did such a good job on the graphics compared to all the other battlefronts. I looked around up down side to side and well it just seemed too good for the P.
This is my all time favorite Playstation Portable game. That is why I am rating 10/10. The instant action is great. The campaign is a little short but it gives a great tutorial on how to play and also some history of the Renegade Squadron which Han Solo leaded. Multiplayer is amazing. You can play other people and attempt to reach number one on the rankings.
Campaign: You are Col Sera, the guy who is basically the hero of Renegade Squadron. You have many missions to accomplish before the death star is destroyed. If you fail the death star will remain standing. In my opinion it is very easy but it does give a good tutorial.
Galactic Conquest: You can choose to be rebels or the Empire in this game. You have to conquer the galaxy but it requires you to think with a lot of strategic thinking. After a couple tries you catch on and you are able to win the game in less than 10 minutes but never the less it is fun!
Instant Action: Instant action enables you to play whatever map and whatever setting you would like. Perfect when you are on the road or bored or waiting for your pizza to arrive.

But even better is Multiplayer! Infrastructure play is free with the PSP and players can battle other people. It creates a true battlefront challenge. AI are very easy to kill but once you start to play with other people you will realize that you aren't as good as you thought you were. I never had a problem with a thing on the servers. No lag at all.
There are many clans which you can join. (I am in the Renegade Commandos). There is a bigger challenge for clans. This game is not clan supported so clans have to create clans the hard way. They have to create there own website. Recruit people from different boards (like gamespot forums for Renegade Squadron)
Never the less it is my favorite experience out of my 4 years of gaming with clans.
There are new vehicles in the game too.
The At - St walker
The Speeder Bikes are different.
The republic have TONS of new ships.
When you are in space you can have a millenium Falcon which is a blast.
Oh yeah Space! Space is one of my personal favorites. You can bombard the enemies ship.
But your main goal in space is to take out the enemies core systems to their space cruiser.
You can even make it strategic if you want like how i do it.
"Okay i have to take out the shield barrier by bombarding their ship then take out their auto turrets and then take out the life support and then the communications array. Then hopefully by that time we have won."
The strategic asspect gives the game a much larger look at how to play each level. Makes each person unique.
Another thing about the game is customization.
You can customize your players colors and body type and even head type.
You can make your character to have an insignia over his head during online play so online users can see that you are you and get their revenge quickly.
You can also customize your characters weapons however you can only hold a certain amount of weapons.
You are given 100 credits to spend wisely and strategicly.
When you choose you can be stealthy by using the stealth suit which make you invisible.
You can choose a set to capture command posts faster and much more!
I would just advise you to get the game to try it out yourself.
This game is perfect. The art is awesome. The new equipment is awesome. multiplayer is awesome. The new maps rock. the new vehicles rock.
So if you are wondering, "Should I get it?"
Let me answer that question for you, "YES!!!"
It is my favorite game for the PSP and trust me I own a lot of games.