Past Star Wars Battlefront games have not been very good for the PSP,but this game fixes the previous issues.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
For the longest time,there have been bad Star Wars Battlefront games for the PSP,and they have all had their share of problems,but most of the issues in this game are resolved.One issue that Star Wars Battlefront II for the PSP had was that there was no story,just instant action.Don't get me wrong,I love instant action,but sometimes,that gets boring,and it's fun to have specific goals set up with some story to keep you interested.Now,the story isn't exactly compelling,but it's still fun if you're tired of just doing battles.One thing I love about this game is the multi-player.You can play online with up to sixteen other human players.By far,my favorite feature is the new customization feature this game has.In past Star Wars Battlefront games,you had to choose a class,and you may not get all the weapons you want.But,in this game,you can select the weapons you get for your character.For example,you can get the chain gun AND the rocket launcher.Sweet,right?Also,mid-battle,if you go to any of your command posts,you can change your weapon.Say you have a rocket launcher,but you need to fix a droid,you can switch your secondary weapon right there,fix the droid,and switch back.Also,you can customize your character for each battle.Like the Rebel Alliance,the CIS,the Rebels(Clones),etc.Although these changes seem pretty small,they really complete the game and keep it interesting,and it really sets the game apart from other Star Wars Battlefront games,and these changes are totally welcome for all Star Wars fans.