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wait, what

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Yeah, like I said, I definitely understand how performance issues could influence how you feel about a game. If it doesn't run well then usually I can't play it, so I totally get that. I was expecting the worst with Unity based off of everything being said online but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to maintain a good framerate at 1080 with my 3770K, 16 Gb DDR3, and GTX 770. The patches have only improved it as well. It's been running noticeably better and it's very consistent now: no jumps or dips.


I started off using TXAA when I first got the game but eventually I switched to FXAA. Less of a performance hit and while it doesn't clean up the picture as much as TXAA does it also blurs the games textures a lot less. This isn't a bad game with aliasing, so I'm OK with this, especially as some of the textures are amazing detailed and sharp; blurring them compromises the amazing work the artists did with this game, it really is a thing of beauty.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who appreciates this game. No one I've spoken to liked it. Granted, I never had any problems running it, and I can understand how poor performance can turn one off to a game, but still. I've always had a soft spot for Assassin's Creed games because I'm a huge history nerd and I relish the opportunity to experience settings such as the Holy Land during the Crusades, Renaissance-era Italy, and so on. For this reason I tend to be forgiving of the general clunkiness that has always been present in the series to some degree. The only games I was unable to complete (still in progress with Unity) were Revelations (awesome that it took place in Constantinople, but I got bored) and III (horrid, horrid game, only one I actually disliked, although I wanted to like it very badly). Unity has many problems but it's also an incredible achievement in that it really captured what I imagined Paris to be like during the Revolution and it was really incredible to experience that. I've been playing in French with subtitles because the English accents don't sit right in a game set in France and it's been a really engrossing experience. There's no way I'm the only one that's enjoying/enjoyed this game this much. So what did you guys think of it? As I mentioned, none of my game playing friends liked it, but performance issues were a factor in forming that opinion, so maybe I'm just lucky enough to have a rig that can run it :P

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Hey guys. Wow, I haven't posted here in forever! Still gaming, just no more Gamespot-ing for me these days. it's great to browse all of your awesome screenshots. I'll definitely be dropping by more.

Anyways, I'm posting this here because I don't think it warrants its own thread. I've been playing Far Cry 4 recently. Now, I like to play games with V-sync if the framerate/control response allows for it because I'm extremely sensitive to tearing and it bothers the s*** out of me if it's present to even the slightest degree. I noticed in FC4, if I start the game with Vsync enabled, triple buffering on, and vysnc set to 'normal,' I get choppy frames when I load up single player for the first time. Playing around with settings, I discovered that if I pause and set these to 'off,' 'off,' and 'sparse,' respectively, apply the settings, and return to the game for a second, then return to the menu and input my original, desired settings (Vysnc on, triple buffering on, and Vysnc normal) I get much better frames for some reason! Very noticeably so. I haven't booted up FRAPS to check the difference (though I'm curious) I can assure you that it is quite noticeably better; I am very sensitive to framerates (guilty of being a spoiled PC gamer) as well, and I'd estimate it's running close to 50~55 FPS at 1080p on my 3770K/GTX770/16 Gb RAM custom build. The mouse response is much smoother too. Now my frames only dip when I'm around a bunch of animals (dat fur simulation doe).

Anyways, if even one person benefits from this random little discovery I made it will make me happy. Cheers guys! :)

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@Blabadon said:

You people need to get laid, damn.

Truth if I ever saw it.

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Naw dude, didn't you hear? We have Destiny now... it's like Halo but better! #PS4foLyfe

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Does anyone care? When's the last time Crytek made something worth playing for reasons other than the graphics?

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Pretty sure that's a result of the upscaling which will supposedly be fixed @ launch but I dunno for sure.

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@faizan_faizan said:

Mario Kart looks like shit.

LOL it's on the WiiU, what do you expect?

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LOL I love that this looks better on PS4, even if it's only by a smidge.