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I've disappeared from this site altogether...

"But why psn8214?!?" you must be asking youself. 'cause Premed dats y. Stacked ass semester of Ochem2, Physics, Micro/Cell Biology, Chemlab, Biolab, Physics lab, Stat, AND on top of all of that research/shadowing (which setting up is a whole different animal entirely, of course) and MCAT preparations. Yikes. I didn't bring any gaming devices apart from my phone and I basically have to live in the library because I get distracted back at my house. It's. Gonna. Rock.


Getting a GTX 770 today!

Finally retiring the old GTX 480. Old girl lasted me a loooong time. The Fermis may have ran hot, but god damn they were good cards. Definitely the new 8800s in terms of their longevity and viability. I bought my 480 the first week they were released to the public and I've never had a problem with it since. Only recently was I unable to max out all of the games I play at 1080p, and with the new consoles coming I figured now was a good time to retire it in favor of a 4 Gb GTX 770, which should last me for a similarly long time hopefully!

16000 Posts on Gamespot!

... and I'd say around 75% of 'em have been in this lovely shade of teal that I adopted for reasons that are now lost to me. Honestly, coloring my text is such an ingrained habit that even if I wanted to stop I'd still probably unconciously do it. Anywho, yay me! :D

I subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud!

Student pricing is very modest ($20 a month versus $50 a month for non-students). I literally have so many things I can do now that I've been wanting to experiment with since I first had the pleasure of using Adobe software. I've been lusting after it since Photoshop CS3 and now for only twenty dollars a month I have the whole damn suite. Set aside enough money to pay for the whole year just to be sure too. My creative side is going wild. :D

A lot of people have complained about the subscription model but honestly it's the only reason I can afford all this software in the first place, so kudos to Adobe for that. 

I like GRID 2.

A lot actually. More than I thought I would. More than Codemasters removing the in-car view would have led me to believe.

Isn't it nice being pleasantly surprised by games? I wish this happened more often... :P

Why did no one tell me how good Game of Thrones is?!

Like for real guys, why were you all holding out on me on this one?!!1

(to be fair to all of you, I blame my offline friends 95X more than you guys but still...:P)

For real though, this show is way too damn good. It's like crack. Even more addicting to watch than Breaking Bad, and I didn't think that was possible. Can't believe I've been missing out for so long!

Arma 3 Alpha releases at midnight!

How did this fly under my radar? Either way, thanks to the lovely PC/Mac Games page of this forum, I am now aware that the Arma 3 Alpha drops tonight at midnight! Fate has smiled upon me in that this would occur during a break from classes, which means I'll actually have plenty of time to play and dissect the Alpha, which I fully plan to given the litany of changes that the devs have implemented since Arma 2.

I fully expect the game to be buggy as all hell, but to be honest, Arma 2 was upon release as well and now Bohemia is actually CALLING it an Alpha, which for all intents and purposes the previous version was after it dropped as well. The main thing I'm worried about is the optimization. Arma 2 never really ran well on my PC, even with the settings lowered. Nowadays, I'm sporting the same GPU (GTX480) but a vastly improved CPU (i7 3770K) that is much better tailored to the series' reputation as being CPU-heavy (though how the third iteration will play out remains to be seen).

Either way, the Arma series is one of my favorites, and Arma 3 will probably receive the majority of my playtime in 2013, most of which will probably be spent in the editor making minimissions to play for myself. If I'm so inclined I'll post a few impressions after I play the Alpha a bit tonight! Maybe some screens too - Bohemia has always has a penchant for the graphical side of things.

Crysis 3...

... amazing game. Well, maybe not such an amazing game. It's a step up from Crysis 2 so far, but it's still kind of average as far as actually playing it goes. I like the inclusion of Psycho, he's almost a likeable character and his presence perks up the otherwise mundane/predictable cast. The plot is no better than Crysis 2's of yet.

About that amazing though... because parts of this game are indeed amazing. I'm talking about the graphics obviously. Playing at mostly very high settings at 1080p on my computer, it looks absolutely incredible. Crytek has outdone themselves. I honestly think if you have the PC to run this, it's worth it purely as an means of experiencing the incredible digital world the devs have created. It's really something that needs to be seen. Crytek deserves any and all commendations for their work in graphics with this game.

You should watch Zero Dark Thirty!

Preface by saying that it's not my kind of movie at all, but man did I enjoy it. The film holds nothing back, and it tells an amazing story that still grips you even though everyone already knows the ending. I honestly didn't think I was going to like it, but man was that one hell of a flick. Two thumbs up! 2012 was a great year for movies, and Zero Dark Thirty closed it on the perfect note for me.