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    Video Games, Movies, Depression & Me

    I have not really planned out this post, so forgive me as this may meander to and fro.This is a somewhat difficult topic for me to talk about because I suffer from depression. I first started to get t...

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    Should Some AAA Games Go Episodic?

    I was thinking earlier today, would it be better if some triple A games went episodic? I really liked how Resident Evil Revelations 2 is episodic and I can complete each episode in one or two sittings...

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    Really enjoyed Still Alice, very moving film.
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    What Is Your "30 Minutes To Kill" Game?

    I was thinking the other day, what game do I always play just to kill time? For example, I was waiting for the Arsenal v Monaco game to kick off last Tuesday evening and I had just over 30 minutes to ...

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    Random Thoughts & Facts About Me......

    Since I'm starting to blog at Gamespot now, I figured I better let people know some stuff about me.This blog may also be titled: "How to be a geek and not show it, but still end up looking like a geek...

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    Those First 30 Minutes.....

    A friend of mine wanted to get into PC gaming so I gifted him The Orange Box as a "Welcome to PC Gaming" gift. He had never played any of the Half Life series but he had heard a lot about them and how...

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    User Rating 8
    Back From The Park - Thoughts About Crysis 2

    I finally sat down during my time off and both played and finished Crysis 2. I did play the first few levels of the game when it first launched but the DX9 version had some annoying glitches, such as ...

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    @trippypees: check out these two Japanese films.

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    Heading to the cinema tonight to see Still Alice, have a feeling that it will be an above average film with a stand out lead performance.
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    Blogging Is Just Graffiti With Punctuations

    I haven't really blogged in such a long time, and it's something that I have been really thinking about getting back into.When I used to blog over at 1UP, I would blog near daily but what allowed me t...

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