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    User Rating 8
    A Captivating Dive into the Depths of Memory

    Remember Me, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and released for the PlayStation 3, is a visually stunning and intellectually captivating action-adventure game that transports players to a futuristic ...

  • pauljeremiah wrote a review of 198X.
    User Rating 7
    Another Life Is Just A Credit Away

    Developers Hi-Bit Studios called it a coming-of-age story with 198X, told through multiple games and genres. What that means is five loosely connected arcade games channelling the likes Outrun, Gradiu...

  • pauljeremiah wrote a review of Segagaga.
    User Rating 8
    A Meta Masterpiece Celebrating Sega's Legacy

    Segagaga, released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast in 2001, is a truly unique and innovative video game that defies traditional categorisation. Developed by Tez Okano and published by Sega, this sa...

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    While I do understand that games get delayed I was really looking forward to playing this in November as it was originally coming out a few days before my birthday. Oh well, already have pre-ordered i...

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