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SNES games had the pricetag equal to $99 in my country when i was a kid, remember i paid $99 for Mortal Kombat 2 back in 1994 :D Games are much cheaper today than before. Because of inflation those $99 in 1994 would be exactly $164.58 today

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@mark1974: Thanks alot man, i will continue on Normal mode as i have more than enough to wrap my head around allready, tried out Perma death mode but i had no chance, it's probably fun if you know what your doing but that mode was way to hard for me at this point.

I will post some pictures from my space exploration in this thread when i have come a little further.

Cool thread btw

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Just got this game a couple days ago, started the game on Normal mode and i have made it to the next planet in the solar system im in. Im loving the game so far despite all the hate it has gotten, the whole atmosphere, soundtrack and that feeling of freedom and exploring is what i like about this game so far.

Im probably gonna play this game for a while but i doubt im gonna do multiple playthroughs, should i play it on Survival mode instead to get most out of it?

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@tiggytog: Yeah i know, i wanted to link that vid to compare the climbing to that Dragons Dogma video

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Im so hardcore that i read gamespot when im taking a shit, watch Twitch while im eating dinner, getting blowjobs while i play videogames and listening to ACG international gaming podcast while im going to sleep, my life is complete :DDD hahah

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SotC is one of the best games i have ever played, it truly is a journey and everytime i manage to mount a Colossus and slay them... What a great feeling

Made a short tribute just for this game with the orginal soundtrack >>

Loading Video...

Some minor spoilers with maybe 4-5 boss fights in this video

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The gameplay in Tekken 7 i would give 10/10 - Story 7/10

The game as a whole is not perfect but it's hell of alot of fun! :D Im loving it

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@soul_starter: I can see your point of view but i personally do not feel ripped off at all, there is no game that gives me so much bang for the buck than Tekken, this game i can easely sink in over 1000 hours for the next 4 years or so to the next Tekken comes out, this game is all about the gameplay for me, the funfactor and the competative aspect

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@soul_starter said:

Also, since the GS review is absolute tripe, here, have al ook at this:


Just to summarise:

A nice roster of fighters (but I think a couple of other Tekkens have had larger rosters)

The game modes look really lackluster - story mode is short, barely 3 and a bit hours and as the reviewer says "just a collection of cut scenes with some enemy encounters thrown in", an arcde mode with just 6 fights and no ending cinematics and a Treasure mode which is basically an arcade mode which unlocks new costumes and such things.

That is really barebones compared to older Tekken games delivering more content. I guess it's more content than something like SF V or the initial release of Killer Instinct and sadly too many gamers are ok with that kinda rubbish. I might just end up buying Tekken 6, it seems a more well rounded, content full production.

Tekken 7 has 8.1 on metacritic right now, 8.1 is pretty good if you ask me


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@yammireckorrdsan: As much as i trust ACG when it comes to reviews i only trust Harada himself when it comes to the Tekken series, this is a developer who has been working passionately on the tekken series for over two decades so i pretty much allready know what im gonna get.

Tekken 7 has been in "beta test" for 1.5 years at the arcades in Asia where it has been tweaked and balanced into perfection before it hits western mainstream market.

Don't know how much the story will impact the overall score but when it comes to the gameplay there is really nothing to compare it to other than the previous titles in the series which is from last generation