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There have been other games in the past (ugh, what would be the specific example) where this kind of a motion blur effect can be turned off from the options, from in game settings. With good reason, right?

Haven't played the game and sorry that I can't help, but what do you think happened when someone on the design team raised the question whether some people will want their money back once they realize that this "brilliant idea" for an effect is making them sick, meh.

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Yea, hope it's not a problem to bump this after a while (do topics, even, get bumped to the top?); but, tried to see GeForce Experience to record a detail out of the (fairly) new Syndrome game and - guess what - there's a list of supported games with which it'll work. So, basically, it's useless. :(

The scanning of folders is automatic, you can't remove games (scanned folders you can, but the games stay) from the list which the software creates - there's a default setting which can thankfully be turned off (whether it's too late by the time we access the interface to do that, or not, I don't know) and it will "optimize" settings per game... All around it seems like a terrible idea - or, actually, unfinished software for which only some will have use of (and others will, unknowingly - or otherwise - suffer :))

List is @

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@R4gn4r0k said:
@Juub1990 said:

Well Goldeneye had a more fun multiplayer.

But Half Life had Counterstrike, Day of Defeat and many more multiplayer mods.

Of course, there's really no comparison between the two. One is, some, stupid console game and the other's, arguably, the best computer game ever created..;) :)

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Um, GameSpot tells me to use teh keyboard: up, down, left, right - and then nothing happens when I hit the keys? o.0
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P.S. Just BTW., when uploading an image to the forums - WTH is up with the options? o.0

There's a pop-up dialog that says: "What size image should we insert? (This will not affect the original upload)" & then there's no option to NOT touch anything - and leave it as is, original - meh. ;-/


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Posted on their blog, Disqus comments, @

Cool, but, hey (!): the user interface, when you click on the Hand icon from afar and hold-down SHIFT (for run), the robot does NOT run to get the item. Dunno if this is deliberate, if it -perhaps- serves a purpose (just started playing, literally), but maybe this is something to work on for Episode 2 (unless it is, it isn't :))

So, yeah, you can (ofc.) run to the object and interact with it - but, if you send it on its way -automatically- it won't react to holding SHIFT, whatsoever. =)

^^ For example, interacting with "A damaged data disk" in the first scene - from across the room. Looking at it, at objects, is sometimes immediate, but clicking on the Hand to pick it up: the robot will only walk over to the item. :f

Edit: Oh, also, it doesn't seem possible to fast-forward the "Audio" file on teh damaged data disk, 2:40 long. Hm.

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Strange, no topics on Alan Wake's American Nightmare boards... I remember, after playing Alan Wake and not knowing anything about this game - it took a second to "get used to it", but then it was good. Great, even...

Just taking a moment, while installing Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor - GOTY to think back across YEARS of gaming and how many games I must've played; & I don't even play all of the time (some years yes and some are too busy, especially when getting older). Must be (many) hundreds, all in all, friends' Playstation and Xbox games and everything.

Anyway, yeah, if you're thinking of getting this - even now - especially after having played Alan Wake: just do it. It's a pretty awesome (big-little) game! :)

*Perhaps another time, I'll try to index more of 'em on GameSpot (plus who the heck's gonna correct all of the ones where I'd gotten the platform wrong, when adding, blah)

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@montidela1970 said:

Download link:


Are you serious, a fake link... You had even bothered to set up an avatar and everything, pftt.

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Btw., Happy New Year and the holidays, guys!.. May all your, wildest, gaming wishes and fantasies come through! :D

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@RTUUMM said:

Another shitty year... same as always

... That's where you're wrong!! ;DP