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  • indecident rated Deadpool a score of 7.
  • indecident wrote a review of Battleborn.
    User Rating 6
    A classic example of modern games being rushed

    I played the Battleborn Beta, was very impressed. Like seriously impressed. I had endless fun on the mere two levels that were released, and eagerly awaited the full product. I even considered preo...

  • indecident wrote a review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
    User Rating 6
    XCOM: Enemy Frustration

    This is a game that had completely passed me by. I had HEARD of it, but had no idea what it was about, even what genre of game it was, until I was watching a Let's Watch on Achievement Hunter previe...

  • indecident wrote a review of Alien: Isolation.
    User Rating 10
    This game made an impression...

    Think back through you gaming "career" (for want of a better phrase). Through all the games you have played, the countless hours shooting, punching, jumping, collecting and running. For all those ga...

  • indecident wrote a review of Dying Light.
    User Rating 7
    A lot better than Dead Island but still not perfect.

    Huge improvement on Dead Island.Compared to it's predecessors, the storyline is less daft, with no fetch quests for stupid things and stupid motivations that would never happen in a disaster situation...