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OTT Geeks

Would just like to blog that internet game geeks make me laugh.

I like games a lot, enough to be on this site, and make some forum contributions, but not as much as some people who live on this site and others like it and don't have a life.

I recently got into a dispute with a moderator over something, some fool who abuses his cyber power because he lacks real life power (I know the type, I imagine he looks like Moss from The IT Crowd or an "adult" [using the term loosely] Star Wars Kid). Because I emailed him with a rebuttle to his actions, pointing out some of his failures in the incident, he docked me points. OH NOOOOO! How will I go on?! I was planning to use these, worthless, meaningless points to fund a Ferrari purchase, but woe is me now I'll have to keep catching the bus to work.

Some people really need to get a grip on what is important in life.

Novelty value

I have to say, I was worried. "Worried about what?" I was worried about the sudden influx of "new ways" to play games, namely Wii/PS Move and Kinnect. I can't remember what comedian said it, but there was a line I was fond of that went something like "I don't play computer games to get a stitch."

I always got the concept of making games more accessible to people who wouldn't normally play them. I also got the idea that it allowed people to do things they might not be able to do for real (eg the Wii ad with the pensioners playing tennis). But I had a real concern that these new peripherals were a) the start of phasing out traditional gaming and b) stopping people doing things they could easily do for real (I'm primarily pointing the finger at football games on Kinnect. Xbox + Kinnect + game = several hundred pounds. A football costs roughly a fiver and you play it better, for real, and get some exercise, use your head).

Personally, I find gaming in it's traditional form one of the most engaging things a person can do. And I don't need to be flailing around for that to happen. In fact, I find moving is often a distraction, as you stop concentrating at anytime you can rest. I also am not a major multiplayer fan, I prefer games as a solo pursuit, me time, but that is a discussion for another day. But today my fears were alleviated, and I can rest tonight knowing that for the foreseeable future, the gaming I like is safe.

I have a account. I cannot recommend this highly enough for gamers. Why pay £40 a game when you can pay £10 a month and rent as much as you like for as long as you like. Now I am an Xbox360 gamer, and have over 30 titles queued to rent. However, recently, my family purchased a Nintendo Wii. I do like some of the games on the wii, namely some of the Resident Evil titles, so went to add them to my list. I also then went to do what I did when I first signed up with my Xbox titles and scanned through their library just adding games I wanted to play to the list. And doing this today is when it struck me...

How many games are worth playing on Wii? There's the Mario titles, that always offer quality. Donkey Kong Country Returns, which is kind of a mario title. The Resident Evil games, a few shooters (Goldeneye primarily), maybe Metroid? And all the games I have mentioned I don't see wouldn't have happened without the Wii controls. Some, in fact, are updated version of older great games that have just been improved with the addition of using the Wii remote to target.

And then I think further. I haven't seen any game for Kinnect that I believe is worth playing, never mind forking out £100 or so to get the kit and the game.

Basically, I'm saying that these are just new toys, and I think the novelty is quickly wearing off. To actual gamers, and not to people who just want to fart around or lose weight, I see the appeal being very limited. I can't speak for PS Move really though I suspect that it's much the same. I do like what they have done with the controller and Killzone 3, but this is no different to what they did with the Wii Blaster.

Until someone does something well with these controls, consistently, I honestly can't see me ever paying for a Wii or Kinnect.

Am I the only one who feels this way about this? Am I the only one who thinks that this may be a flash in the pan thing?


PS: Another thing that is irritating me, particularly with Wii. Why do they feel the need to make some actions motion controls, regardless of whether it is suitable to do so? It's like they just do it because they can. I remember playing Sonic And The Secret Rings and thinking "this is a good game, but why do I have to flap around like an idiot just to make Sonic jump? Why can't I just press a button? It's making it unnecessarily hard to time things." Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Sex with an ex isn't always better

I just wondered if anyone has gone back to a game ever, that they loved intensely at one point, and found that that enthusiasm has wained quite noticeably.

I downloaded Marvel Vs Capcom 2 over Xbox live being a huge fan of it years ago. I still own the PS2 version as it has retained its value very well and I am hoping it does a Gunstar Heroes on me (if you have the original stand alone [ie not part of a compilation] cart of Gunstar Heroes on megadrive it is worth a lot, £50 a few years ago, I imagine more now). However, I no longer own a PS2 so jumped at the chance to download it for actual play.

I have found gameplay I once thought was exciting and engaging is now just cluttered and confusing, often cheap. I don't know if this is down to the further simplification of the control system but I suspect not. Essentially all they have done is taken out medium punch and that isn't my issue. I find the game not responding to my commands that well and the computer just locking me in and endless combo of assist attacks combined with basic combos which I either didn't suffer or didn't notice before.

I have a fightpad from my purchase of Street Fighter 4, so the control pad isn't the issue, and I don't think it is an age thing per say because I also own Street Fighter 3 and keep going back to it. That said I am also not out of practice. Could it just be I bought into the flashiness of it all the first time round? The fact that Ryu (my favourite game character of all time) could throw some ridiculously large Shinkuu Hadoken Beams and such? Is this version of the game suffering some problems I haven't read about?

It has made me seriously consider whether I should get Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. I mean I would love the chance to play as Teknoman (Tekkaman) and love the way it looks, plus I have been looking for that final excuse to get a Wii, but if it is going to be more of the same I think it would be a very big step to get an entire console for a game which might disappoint me greatly.

I would just like to know if anyone else has found this about Marvel Vs Capcom 2, if they have any reason it might be just this version, or if they too have gone back to a game they loved greatly and found it a different experience years later.

The limbo between casual and hardcore gamer

I am writing this off the back of reading some of the other editorials on the site. I haven't written anything barr one review on GS before, I am new to the site, I suppose I just join trends like myspace etc late in the day.

You're probably sat there thinking "STFU, we don't want to hear your life story, just get to your point." The thing is this ties in with my point.

I constantly find myself in this area between hardcore gamer and casual gamer. This can be down to various reasons. One is that I am just a laid back person and don't tend to be clued in on the latest developments in any walk of life, I let them come to me.

I must have more than a passing interest in games, I am doing a course in computer animation and special effects (it was interactive systems and video game design, but I changed because I don't want to do programming lol). But then there is another thing, I am a student. I want to spend time with my friends getting drunk, messing around, spend time with my gf and such. Not only does this throw up the problem of time, especially when you factor in my studies too, but also money to spend on gaming.

So here i find myself in limbo. I love street fighter, have never been beaten by any of my friends, but I don't know if I am any good for real, as I have never been to a street fighter tournament (are they even still going, someone let me know). I also love Halo, love to sit down with it with my friends, a few beers and shoot the crap out of each other. I went online once on Halo 2 with a friend, got my ass handed to me.

I suppose the point I am getting at is that this limbo is sapping the fun from multiplayer games for me. I am either that much better than the people I play, or that much worse. It might sound fun always winning at SF, but when no one wants to play you anymore then it loses it's appeal. Likewise loading up Unreal Tournament for someold skool FPS action and then getting obliterated by a group of people who have done NOTHING but play it for the last 10 years is equally annoying.

Dose anyone else find themselves in this situation, or am I in a very small minority.