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  • Guileion wrote a review of Super Mario World.
    User Rating 8
    Review N°3: Super Mario World (SNES)

    After the huge good reviews that the Super Mario Bros trilogy received for the Nintendo NES, expectations for the plumber's video game for the future Super Nintendo were high. Just on the day of my bi...

  • Guileion rated Sonic Mania a score of 7.
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  • Guileion wrote a review of Final Fantasy VII.
    User Rating 9
    Review N°2: Final Fantasy VII (PSX)

    Final Fantasy VII is, without a doubt, the most important tabletop console RPG in history, or at least to date. The game was hailed since its release as it continues to be hailed today. Although I was...

  • Guileion wrote a review of Super Metroid.
    User Rating 8
    Review N°1: Super Metroid (SNES)

    I am totally amazed that this game was overlooked the first time I saw it. Taking advantage of the fact that we will not have Metroid until God knows how long, I will review for the first time in my l...

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